Millions of Professionals Develop Emotional and Mental Illnesses Because of Difficult Work Relationship Issues

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Professionals get help to master their emotions

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A Canadian Firm Is Offering An Emotional Wellness Cleanse Challenge This Winter to Support Professionals Who Are Struggling With Difficult Work Situations

Many believe that professionals who are experts and proficient in their careers would be able to quickly identify a conflict situation and address the concerns with their colleagues.”

— Joyce Odidison

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA, December 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Many busy professionals are often caring for their families, and at times are also taking care of elderly parents, may be volunteering, or supporting community programs, while striving to excel in their carers. This leaves them with little time or energy to deal with difficult workplace situations.

Work relationships can be precious but when they go bad, they can be even more disruptive than a family conflict or divorce because they have so much influence on one’s professional reputation and career.

The challenges and stresses of difficult work relationships can have a negative impact on the emotional and mental health of these busy professionals causing issues like insomnia, weight gain, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and might be a trigger to some cancers.

“Many believe that professionals who are experts and proficient in their careers would be able to quickly identify a conflict situation and address the concerns with their colleagues. Surprisingly, they are more likely to tell me they missed the interpersonal cues and found themselves caught in a difficult situation without warning;” said Joyce Odidison, Conflict Analyst, Interpersonal Coach, Workplace Wellness Expert, and CEO of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., an international training and coaching firm headquartered in Canada.

The 2021 Emotional Wellness Cleanse Program is a wellness challenge for busy professionals who are looking for help and support this winter to move past old hurts, frustrations, and upset, so they can gain more influence and impact at work, to gain access to new opportunities and career success in 2021.

The 2021 Emotional Wellness Cleanse Challenge starts January 11, 2021, and runs for 6 weeks (30 weekdays). The daily quick 8-minute videos and recordings address the issues that professionals are facing and need help to manoeuvre. The recordings can be listened to on the drive to work or on a coffee break and the worksheet can be reviewed at any time. It is a fast easy way for professionals to do an emotional detox and unblock themselves from the heavy weight of negative emotional injuries. The negative emotions could otherwise impact their performance and creativity at work. Each week there is supplemental coaching with Joyce Odidison to go deeper into the comments and challenges participants share.

The program is being offered free as well as a budget-friendly paid option of $197 ($500 discount), for those wanting to access the live emotional wellness mindset support and coaching this year.

The free option is available year-round, while the newly released budget-friendly 2021 Emotional Wellness Cleanse Challenge will run from January 11 to February 19, 2021.

Leaders, training development personnel, and human resources professionals can also sponsor a professional at their workplace. Almost everyone has an emotional scar from the pandemic this year so this will be a great way to supercharge 2021.

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