Missouri Man Says One 2-Letter Word is the Answer to Compassion Fatigue

Celebrated Author Andrew Ortiz

Celebrated Author Andrew Ortiz

Missouri Man Says One 2-Letter Word is the Answer to Compassion Fatigue

A car with an empty tank won’t go very far, so you have to make sure you are protecting your mindset with lines you won’t let your involvement cross.”

— Andrew Ortiz

MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — One out of five Americans say that caregiving exhausts them. According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, this exhaustion can lead to health problems, including mental fatigue and cognitive decline. Andrew Ortiz has the answer to feeling like a dried-out sponge, he says, “go to the fountain that never runs dry.” In this unprecedented season of pandemic pressures, financial uncertainty, and healthcare woes, stress is at an all-time high and that means we are relying more heavily on those around us. The neighbor who once shared a friendly hello is now cutting your lawn or taking the elderly to appointments. Parents are now juggling home schooling with the demands of their virtual jobs and the needs of their elderly parents. Our workload and life loads have forever shifted, but in this tension-filled time, celebrated author Andrew Ortiz offers a solution for the overworked, under-appreciated masses.

In his book “How to Help Others Without Getting Hurt,” he lays out a plan to build a fortress of faith and mental fitness to keep out unwanted angst. The first step is to draw close to Christ, the one equipped to refresh and restore you. The relationship mentor encourages readers to find a retreat spot, which he knows is scarce these days with telework, home schooling, and multi-generational living. Find a spot for you and God to spend uninterrupted time together, whether in the bathroom, a walk-in closet, your backyard or in your car. It is important to take 15 minutes per day to plug into the heavenly realm.

It is here that revival takes place, but also you receive instruction. The Holy Spirit can help you walk in wisdom to create boundaries for your life. These boundaries are not prickly fences but soft comfortable zones of protection where you decide on a healthy pace of interaction between you and those in need. Inside these protected walls, you can create rules that rule out vampire like hangers-on and shed light upon areas of healing to break the co-dependent cycles.

Ortiz shows you it is okay to say the dreaded two letter word No! As a youth he witnessed the untimely, violent death of his father, and he lost his mom down the rabbit hole of despair and heroin abuse. This tough as nails reformed drug pusher is now proclaiming a solution for what ails millions of Americans. Through his book “How to Help Other Without Getting Hurt,” and his mentorship ministry, people are getting free of addictive relationships to live out their purpose on earth.

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