Multi-Talented Artist Anna Azerli Drops New Single, “Finally”

Finally Available Now on All Major Platforms

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Anna Azerli, artist and actor, drops a new single, “Finally”. The single follows the release of “Love for a Day”.

“Finally” is a fun upbeat pop EDM style track produced by Emile Ghantous. Anna enjoys putting out songs with emotional lyrics that reflect her personal experiences and can connect to audiences all over the globe.

Emile Ghantous is an American Grammy-nominated record producer and songwriter. He has worked with a number of artists from around the world including Pitbull, Chris Brown, Charlie Wilson, Bobby V, Prince Royce, Now United, I.O.I, and Jolin Tsai. Working with Ghantous is a thrill for Anna, she says “I finally found the producer who understands me musically and as a person.”

One of the most important things for Anna is the connection she makes with her audience. “Intertwining my voice, emotions, and story together for the benefit of my audience. My favorite stories are love stories, full of raw emotion,” says Anna. It’s through these stories and live performances that continue to feed her inspiration.

The single “Finally” is a danceable upbeat work that gives listeners a feeling of joy and celebration during these times. Anna shares about finding herself and finally being able to be herself again after an unsettling love affair experience. Anna describes this new project as a new chapter in her musical career.

“Finally” is available now on all major platforms. Follow Anna Azerli on Instagram to stay updated on new projects.

About Anna Azerli

Anna Azerli was born in New Zealand but quickly moved to Berlin after her parent’s death. Then when she was 16, she moved to Milano, Italy, where she became a protege at the Accademia Teatro all Scala, for opera singing. Due to the 2009 global economic crisis, opera houses shut down so Anna began pursuing pop music. While pursuing this new genre, Anna experimented with several different styles of pop before developing her own style. Her overall sound could be classified as a pop/dance sound. She later moved to California to further her career. Anna Azerli has recorded two singles since being in the US. In 2020, Anna Azerli was preparing to have a permanent show in Las Vegas, however, it’s been postponed due to the recent coronavirus pandemic until the next year. In the meantime, she has started working on a reality show with an established Los Angeles-based production company which is in the beginning stages and she is not allowed to talk much about it.

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