Must-Have Woo-commerce and Magento Extensions For Your Ecommerce Store

The usage of internet services is increasing and people are relying more on E-commerce stores. It gives commercial opportunities to engage in more traffic.

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Christmas Eve is a special occasion to celebrate with holiday sales on different platforms. It gives commercial opportunities to engage in more traffic and increase conversion rates. The usage of internet services is increasing and people are relying more on E-commerce stores.

WooCommerce and Magento Extensions for E-Commerce store:

PayTrace Payment Gateway Extension

It is dedicated to giving merchants better customer service, saving money, and increased security. This extension enables the direct transaction method that means users will not be redirected to any other third-party pages.

–> It has a simple checkout process
–> It is optimized for mobile payments
–> It validates the information to avoid common mistakes
–> Client-side encryption can enhance security while completing transactions
–> Supports e-Check mode of payments
–> Customer can save their payment details as token safely
–> Adding, deleting, and default payment methods
–> Easier and faster refunds process from the store admin

Magento 2 Lazy Load Image Extension

This extension allows you to improve the page loading time as it loads the page only when the user scrolls down to that point of the page.
If you have the Pro version it will start loading early

–> Control of the animation speed
–> Integrate Magento 2 search pages, product pages, and listing pages
–> Smooth and faster user-experience
–> Better conversion rates
–> SEO friendly
–> It has a light quality code which makes it easy to install and use

PayPal Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

E-commerce businesses aim to reach global customers and add the latest features to engage more customers worldwide. Magento 2 PayPal Multi-Currency extension allows users to complete the transaction in their preferred currency.

–> Makes the checkout process faster
–> Accept payments other than the store-based currency
–> User-Friendly checkout process
–> Feature-rich extension for E-commerce stores

Stripe WooCommerce payment gateway

This is considered a great option for e-commerce stores that need an immediate solution for online payments. Important reasons to consider this plugin are:

–> Setting up an account is easy and faster with minimal details required
–> It has no hidden charges for online transactions
–> Provides tools to test the transactions through Stripe’s prefigured credit card
–> Extra fraud protection that lowers the risk of sharing sensitive data
–> Connect several websites with a single bank account

Voice Search Magento 2 Extension

This is trending in the search engines and affects the ranking of websites in the SERPs. Many e-store owners are integrating voice search support on their websites. Tips to optimize Voice search in the Magento store:

–> Use long-tail keywords
–> Try integrating conversational tone in the content
–> Make the platform mobile-friendly and responsive
–> Work on local searches
–> Try aiming for featured snippets on Google search engine

Generally, merchants think twice before integrating such extensions in their e-commerce store due to their expense limitations. So, this Christmas season is giving them a chance to add plugins and extensions like PayTrace Payment Gateway and Magento 2 lazy load image extension into their online store in a budget-friendly way.

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