My Credit Focus Transforming Lives During the Global Pandemic Helping Thousands With Fast Credit Repair

COLTON, CA, USA, December 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — One hundred and sixty thousand- That’s how many lives have been impacted by credit repair company My Credit Focus, since its inception 17 years ago.

This vast number includes a track record of successfully challenging almost every legitimate credit problem from tax liens and charge offs to serious bankruptcies.But according to Managing Director, Ezekiel Kobina, they are just getting started as the company strives to help as many Americans as possible to repair their credit fast.

He said:“Poor credit could mean the difference between getting a mortgage or a job. Many people can’t afford to wait several months to repair their credit lives that’s why we are dedicated to repairing credit score fast.”

Touted as one of the best consumer advocates, the success of My Credit Focus can be attributed to its attorney advantage. The company boasts a team of expert attorneys who work to repair clients’ credit reports by carrying out audits and enforcing federal laws. The attorneys kickstart the process by carefully reviewing each client’s credit report for discrepancies. Once areas of improvement are identified, the My Credit Focus’personal case advisor assigned to the client challenges those disputes with the credit score bureau.

While My Credit Focus are experts at repairing credit scores fast, they understand that derailing the progress can happen just as fast. That’s why the company is committed to helping them maintain it. Consequently, clients can access the company’s credit management services which includes a credit management system that helps them to track and maintain their progress.

For further information or to engage the services of My Credit Focus, visit: mycreditfocus.com or call them on 800-603-8045

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