My Future Purpose Year End Review Individuals seeking purpose and a sense of belonging

Vicki Thomas Chief Purpose Office and Co-founder of My Future Purpose - Our purpose is to inspire yours

Vicki Thomas Chief Purpose Officer and Co-founder of My Future Purpose

Joyce Cohen, a specialist/life coach has worked with 1000’s of individuals in over 375 companies around the globe, 25 industries, 17 government agencies, non-profits and higher education institutions

Our purpose is to inspire yours

My Future Purpose becomes a membership organization providing 40 featured guests throughout 2021 along with monthly Zoom gatherings, workshops and more

After 28 weeks as word-of-mouth spread about Wednesday afternoon series it became a place to learn, be inspired, share camaraderie, and for some, help to shape a sense of purpose”

— Vicki Thomas, Chief Purpose Officer and Co-founder of My Future Purpose

WESTON, CONNECTICUT, US, December 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — As we bid farewell and good riddance to 2020 the pandemic changed us all in the way we interact with one another, get educated, how we work, communicate, and live. My Future Purpose LLC hosted weekly sessions featuring special vetted guests who shared the discovery of their purpose and invited others to join in the Wednesday afternoon weekly Pause for Purpose Zoom discussions.

My Future Purpose hosted guests that discovered their purpose by:
• Volunteering for a nonprofit that captured their heart
• Advocating for a cause that spoke to them
• Creating good from a tragedy or personal loss
• Working for a company whose purpose aligns with theirs
• Reinventing self after transitioning from other professions

Vicki Thomas, Chief Purpose Officer and Co-founder of My Future Purpose said, “After 28 weeks as word-of-mouth spread about Wednesday afternoon Pause for Purpose sessions, a sense of belonging swelled with those who joined in. Wednesday’s at 4:00 PM (ET) became a valuable place to learn, be inspired, share camaraderie, and for some, help to shape a renewed sense of purpose.”

As a result of the weekly series success, My Future Purpose will become a membership organization in 2021 providing 40 featured special guests throughout the year along with monthly Zoom gatherings, workshops, articles delivered to your inbox, opportunities to try out new ideas to get knowledgeable feedback, retreats, 1-1 coaching and more. To learn about My Future Purpose and to become a member visit www.myfuturepurpose.com

Joyce Cohen, Chief People Officer and Co-founder of My Future Purpose said, “the pandemic created an uncertain environment as we became concerned for our own health and that of our family, friends, colleagues, neighbors. We isolated in place while creating a weekly, virtual safe haven to learn, expand, connect, be inspired.”

Examples of six 2020 My Future Purpose featured guests:

One featured guest, Colby Farrell, a college freshman at University of Ottawa founded a non-profit, Reuniting Once Again, an intergenerational initiative that brings together youth and older adults to minimize isolation. He has engaged governments and sits on a committee at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA developing a first-ever intergenerational course. He shared with My Future Purpose participants how and why he is interested in bringing generations together to share and learn from one another.

Afdhel Aziz, Co-author of Good is the New Cool…Market Like You Give a Damn revealed that marketing has an image problem. Media-savvy millennials and Gen Z consumers no longer trust advertising, and they demand cutting-edge products with on-trend design. The book focuses on purpose driven companies established and new. Afdhel not only shared his insights with My Future Purpose participants but also with business community members from several Chambers of Commerce.

Natalie Kerrigan, Chief of Staff -Recruiting Solutions for Indeed.com told My Future Purpose participants what is possible when you stay focused on your passion and purpose. She provided tips on best ways to approach a job search and land a particular job. With over 2 million visitors monthly, Indeed.com is an industry leader and Natalie shared valuable tips on gaining online visibility, staying motivated, knowing your expiration date.

Larry Jacobson sold his company to achieve his boyhood dream of sailing around the world that became a six-year odyssey of adventure, fear, discovery and love. He shared with My Future Purpose participants how to master fears and limitations, persevere through inevitable storms on the way to success. Upon his safe return Jacobson received calls from C-suite executives wondering how he managed to let go of the company that defined him. Those insights, interviews, conversations led to his next transition as motivational speaker, consultant and sought-after executive coach.

In time, good comes from tragedy and good came from 9/11 after the World Trade Center towers came down. My Future Purpose guest John Viola shared insights to his service as Lieutenant with Engine 4 Ladder 15 in lower Manhattan as his firehouse responded to the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. Unfortunately, 14 brave members of Engine 4 Ladder perished that day. John Viola retired from the FDNY and is now the volunteer emergency response team coordinator for H.E.A.R.T 911, a nonpofit that responds immediately to natural and human-made disasters.

Michaela Fissel is Executive Director of Advocacy Unlimited, Inc. a statewide, peer-lead non-profit organization dedicated to improving the well-being and overall outcomes for individuals who experience mental health and co-occurring disorders. Michaela shared her own story with My Future Purpose participants about how she struggled with her own addictions, was homeless and hit rock bottom. Achieving recovery at the age of 21, Michaela committed to establish pathways for young people to rise as leaders across the behavioral health system of Connecticut.

My Future Purpose is a multi-faceted membership organization founded by Joyce Cohen and Vicki Thomas who are committed to the growing Purpose Movement. My Future Purpose helps individuals, professionals and organizations harness the power of purpose by providing weekly speakers, quarterly workshops, virtual retreats and collaborative initiatives to guide participants to discover their purpose. Vicki Thomas and Joyce Cohen host weekly Wednesday afternoon 4:00 (EST) virtual online discussions featuring special guests who share their inspiring stories that meets and serves their purpose. Join us and learn more at myfuturepurpose.com. Our purpose is to inspire yours

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