Nephrologist Dr. Blake Shusterman Partners with American Kidney Fund for This Year’s Kidney Action Week

Dr. Blake Shusterman, aka “The Cooking Doc.”

Now AKF’s ambassador for over a year, Dr. Blake’s online session, scheduled September 15th at 2:30 pm EST, will provide insights on kidney disease prevention.

GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2021 / — Though important every year, 2021 marks an especially important year for kidney health. With COVID-19 still posing a significant problem for the United States, and especially for those with underlying health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic kidney disease, taking control of one’s health via preventative measures is serious business.

Kicking off Monday, September 13th, American Kidney Fund will host their second annual Kidney Action Week to empower people nationwide to take control of their health as well as to provide information on important resources. The nation’s leading nonprofit in kidney health, The American Kidney Fund spearheaded Kidney Action Week to provide comprehensive and dynamic education on kidney health by way of webinars, live panels, and much more.

One of the live participants is Dr. Blake Shusterman, better known by his moniker The Cooking Doc, who also acts as an ambassador for American Kidney Fund.

South Carolina-based nephrologist, Dr. Blake Shusterman, known by his patients as “Dr. Blake,” and nationwide as The Cooking Doc, is especially aware of the importance of high-quality food. His passion for getting people to eat and live better led him to write his book, “Kidney Healthy Cooking.” Since the inception of The Cooking Doc, Dr. Blake’s fanbase has grown to be in the thousands across social media platforms. Dr. Blake’s passion for making a difference for his patients, the world, and his #changeyourbuds movement is part of what piqued the interest of American Kidney Fund.

American Kidney Fund provides education, financial resources, and innovative solutions to the 30 million-plus Americans suffering from kidney disease. One of their newest initiatives is their “Kidney Kitchen,” an award-winning comprehensive nutrition education resource and one of the leading nutrition sources for people at all stages of chronic kidney disease.

Now AKF’s ambassador for over a year, Dr. Blake’s online session, scheduled September 15th at 2:30 pm EST, will provide insights about kidney disease and will also discuss how to manage kidney disease through healthy eating. Dr. Blake will bring his expertise as a practicing nephrologist and his “Change Your Buds” message to Kidney Action Week through an interactive question and answer session that will cover general questions about kidney disease, and cooking tips, recipe ideas, food substitution ideas.

The session will be moderated by AKF’s Senior Director of Health Initiatives & Education, Melanie Paris, M.A., MPH.

Information and registration for the event, “Ask a Nephrologist: Audience Q&A featuring ‘The Cooking Doc’– Dr. Blake Shusterman,” along with other Kidney Action Week events can be found here.

About Dr. Blake Shusterman

Blake Shusterman, MD, or Dr. Blake for short as some call him, is a nephrologist (kidney doctor) practicing in Greenville SC at Carolina Nephrology. A family man and food lover, he’s also the creator of The Cooking Doc, an online cooking show and health information website dedicated to helping viewers create delicious meals and use food to manage their kidney disease.

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