Neuromation launches MLOps interoperability platform for Deep Learning

Neuromation has launched its MLOps interoperability platform for Deep Learning and machine learning researchers.

TALLINN, ESTONIA, July 13, 2021 / — Neuromation Platform helps startups and enterprises solve various AI challenges faster, more predictably, and efficiently.

The Neuromation platform is an MLOps interoperability layer that orchestrates a complete set of software development tools for Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications using its own utility Neurotoken (NTK) as its primary method of payment. It also provides:
– Solutions for scaling ML/DL stitching on-prem and cloud resources.
– Management of the roles, resources, and processes.
– Integrating open-source and commercial development tools.
– Deploying pipelines.

Neuromation MLOps interoperability platform is designed to help ML/DL researchers focus on model development and automate initial setup activities that usually need to be applied manually by the data scientist.

Please, find more in our video manual and the article.

About Neuromation
Neuromation is a recognized leader in Enterprise AI enabling companies to develop world-class AI solutions through a streamlined developer platform and custom AI services. Founded in 2017, the company’s mission is to empower Enterprise AI transformation. To learn more, visit

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