Never Leaving Home Again

Where Is My Home?

Where Is My Home?

A curious cat’s coming-of-age journey

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, December 17, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — “There is no place like home.” We all know the feeling. After a long day of work, when you finally get to rest on your couch. After that long trip away, when you finally get to climb into your own bed and bury yourself in the comfort of your blanket. Home shields us from the harsh realities of the outside world and cloaks us with warmth and a sense of security. The book Where is My Home? perfectly captures just that.

Well-written and beautifully illustrated, the book recounts the journey of a household kitten named Sonic, who was given the opportunity to be free. As soon as he was out from the comforts of their home, however, he realized that he wanted to go home. Tired and confused, he decided to make his way back but the journey was not easy. He experienced hunger, sleep, sickness, loneliness, and fear. When he arrived home nine months later, he went straight to the garage and snuggled into the quilt where he was born.

As a grandmother of 28 and a retired elementary school counselor with more than twenty years of experience, author Joan Romney Groves, possesses a strong background in dealing with children and parents alike. She wrote this book based on a true story with the belief that it is from these stories that children learn empathy and character development.

Told with effortless charm, the book gained praises from readers of all ages. The author did a fantastic job of creating a story packed with lessons that everyone will be able to relate to. This timeless, meaningful tale of belonging and finding one’s own place will surely be loved by children and parents alike.

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