New Clothing Brand Start-Up Raises Eyebrows

White, long sleeve dress shirt from Huxley's Happy Ass Shirt Co.

White, long sleeve dress shirt from Huxley’s Happy Ass Shirt Co.

HOUSTON, TX, US, December 8, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — A new clothing brand has entered the world of mid-pandemic start-ups and it’s already garnering attention… and some raised eyebrows!

The Happy Ass Shirt Co.™ (and note that’s “Co.” and not Company) is the new start-up brand. Its parent company is JoBrick Enterprises in Houston, Texas and it has lots of people wondering about the meaning of the brand name.

Well, here’s the inside scoop: the logo is a cute, buck-toothed, grinning donkey named Huxley – hence, the “happy ass.” Huxley was joined by his friend Phineas, another “happy ass,” and the two began marketing their brand of shirts a few months ago. As the website proclaims, they are “just two happy asses trying to make an honest buck.”

At the moment they are offering white, long sleeve 100% cotton oxford shirts for men. There will be a light blue, long sleeve 100% cotton oxford with button down collar arriving soon. Each dress shirt features a front pocket – unlike other dress shirt brands – and Huxley the Happy Ass’s big toothy grin is embroidered on the pocket. The shirts are available only online and arrive with a hang tag announcing “Congratulations! You now have a Happy Ass!”

There are T-shirts that the company calls “dare wear” because of what’s written on the back. The front displays the physiognomy of Huxley the Happy Ass along with the brand name – The Happy Ass Shirt Co.™ But the wording on the back challenges any viewer with
“Ask me if I have a Happy Ass.
Go ahead.
It’s OK.

There are also coffee mugs with Huxley’s portrait on one side and the same dare on the other.

There are plans in the works for some sports apparel as well as products for women and children. The children’s brand will be marketed as “The Happy Donkey Shirt Co.” and the logo features Huxley as a very young donkey (which – like a horse – is also called a colt).

The COVID-19 pandemic did result in some production delays, but stock has now arrived at the fulfillment center in Houston and things look more promising for the future. All orders are shipped out of Houston; there is no drop shipping from far away locations.

When asked if the brand name and the wording on the T-shirts and coffee mugs have proved to be a bit off-setting for some customers, Don Brickey, CEO of JoBrick Enterprises, replied “Perhaps for a few, I suppose, but you know what – we really don’t care. The response has been very gratifying and we look forward to a steady upward trend in gross revenues. People have really been taken by Huxley who strikes them as a lot friendlier and down-to-earth than a polo player or an alligator or a psychotic rabbit or a sheep painfully suspended by their spine.”

The company also draws attention on its website to a Texas organization called the Texas Miracle Ranch which rehabilitates donkeys that have suffered tremendous abuse and near-starvation from their human owners. Huxley and Phineas, Brickey assures us, have donated to this ranch, and heartily encourages others to do so as well.

In spite of the trials and tribulations of a mid-pandemic start-up, things look very bright for this fledgling company. Their plan is to grow slowly which will make the Happy Ass merchandise a bit more scarce and thus, more sought after.
JoBrick Enterprises, the owner of the Happy Ass Shirt Co.™ brand, is located in Houston, Texas. The web address is https://thehappyassshirtco.com.

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