New company launches to give the gift of self-confidence to teens

Teen Innovators launches to provide leadership & life skills not typically taught in schools, by employing accomplished older teens to mentor younger peers.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, December 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — A recent study shows that over 50% of teens are struggling with anxiety during COVID*, and now more than ever, our youth are seeking connection, community, and self-confidence.

Founder Christine Hutchison saw the need for her son to feel purposeful during the pandemic, and she co-created the company with her 13-year-old entrepreneur. Together, they have founded a new virtual community that allows young and older teens to grow alongside each other, providing a fun and effective way to learn persuasive speech, executive functioning, and self-advocacy. These lessons are particularly valuable because they are offered to young teens just at the time they are finding their voice and identity, and craving the validation of older peers.

“I feel like adults need to listen to teens, we have a lot of great ideas and this is a platform for them to be heard,” said Matthew, a Teen Innovator student in 8th grade.

Kate Szczudlo, a high school English teacher and speech coach, who joined Teen Innovators to develop curriculum, sees firsthand how the program augments leadership and life skills not taught in today’s virtual environment: “In a small box on a screen of 30 students with muted microphones, a student’s voice might be heard once during a 45-minute class period. Teen Innovators offers one-on-one sessions where the young teen experiences targeted communication and the opportunity to ideate.”

“I can see the young teen’s self-confidence grow during one 30-minute zoom call,” adds peer mentor Eden Kavanagh, a high school senior who has excelled in academics who has witnessed firsthand why mentorship matters. The company hires young adults age 17-21 to mentor, teach skills-based classes and work in the business.

“The program is innovating how we deliver educational opportunities in a virtual world by providing real-life learning experiences and a 360 growth opportunity. Younger teens, older teens and business leaders are all learning from each other,” says Christine Hutchison, a serial entrepreneur from Chicago and mother of two boys.

Teen Innovators is now enrolling students age 11-16 into the after-school program at https://teeninnovators.com/sign-up/. Luckily for these young teens, waiting until life gets back to normal is not an issue. They can start gaining these invaluable skills today. Gift certificates available at https://teeninnovators.com/programs/gift-card.

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