New Fine Art Photo Book About Oman by Travel Photographer Khalid Alkharusi Romances a 5000-Year-Old Civilization

Fine Art Photo Book About Oman From Travel Photographer Khalid Alkharusi

Oman: A Paradise of Land and People by Khalid Alkharusi

The newly released “Oman: A Paradise of Land and People” took 30-years to create but takes one minute to capture the imagination.

Every image is a story. And though they were strangers, when I took the pictures, it was as if I were among my family and friends.”

— Khalid Alkharusi

MUSCAT, SULTANATE OF OMAN, July 14, 2021 / — Mysterious, alive, and thriving, Oman shows off its remarkable beauty in a new book by travel photographer Khalid Alkharusi. The result of a 30-year journey taken by the nature photog, “Oman: A Paradise of Land and People” reveals what isn’t widely known about the unsung region. The book is a deep look at the country’s solid cultural history by way of its equally striking people and natural landscape. This is fine art nature photography at its most heartfelt. All the reader can do is allow a contagious affection for the ancient land near the water. Leaving no other option than to experience Oman through the eyes of someone who is quite possibly its biggest champion, each page serves as a palpable homage to a place one simply must go and see.

So, where is Oman? It is a unique location on the southern east coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It shares borders with United Arab Emirates to the northwest, Saudi Arabia to the west, and Yamen to the southwest. Famous for many reasons, the region hosts uncommon views of sweeping, untouched mountainous landscapes showcased by Alkharusi’s fine art nature photography. The land of Oman contains terraced orchards and stream valleys, adobe fortresses, and mosques that echo prayers while Arabian sailing ships dot the gulf.

In 55 photos presenting Oman’s natural landscape, the book displays plains, valleys, mountains, and beaches. It also includes 51 photos of the Omani people, all from different governorates and regions. These images serve to personalize the people of Oman as they display the color of their costumes and give a glimpse of Omani life.

Alkharusi said, “At the age of ten my father gave me a Kodak Ektralite 10 camera, and that eventually led me to this book. Soon, I learned to capture Oman’s life and nature through my lenses. Every image is a story. And though they were strangers, when I took the pictures, it was as if I were among my family and friends. This book is a love song to everyone I have captured with my lens or have met during my ongoing journey.”

Widely recognized for his work, Alkharusi’s website offers limited-edition photographic prints for home design and businesses. His work highlighting Oman as well as other countries appears in homes, hotels, banks, and corporate offices worldwide. In 1999, Alkharusi published a photography calendar entitled, “Discover Oman.” It was the first calendar of pictures by an Omani photographer to be released in the Sultanate.

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