New Interface for Outcome Tracking to Enhance Individual Service Plans of Long-Term Services and Supports

ISP Programs are one of the many Person-Centered Planning Tools which Therap has to offer as a comprehensive solution for Person-Centered Services.

WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Therap offers Person-Centered Planning Tools to accommodate the essential problem-solving process which can be used to assist individuals in Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) settings. This process is significant for individuals as it can determine the level of support required to recognize, describe and construct the desires of an individual so that they may achieve purpose and meaning in their life. One of Therap’s many Person-Centered Planning Tools, the ISP Program module is designed to equip LTSS providers with the accurate tools and criteria that are necessary to train individuals with disabilities according to the requirements of particular goals or valued outcomes to be achieved. Each ISP Program can be utilized to specify detailed information regarding key elements such as the long term objective, criteria for completion, frequency of documentation and goal to be achieved upon completion.

The new user interface of the ISP Program has been designed to enhance user experience while ensuring that the user is equipped with numerous newly added features. The module is presented in an organized manner with all the sections in a comprehensible order such as scoring details, task(s), teaching method(s), and others as they appear to function within the process. The new section, ‘Schedule and Frequency’ includes dropdowns which allow a user to specify when programs should be worked on. The new ‘External Module Connections’ section includes important fields like the ‘EVV Supporting Document’, ‘Billable ISP Program’ and ‘Participate in Data Driven Outcome (DDO)’ fields. The added ‘End Date’ feature within the module allows users to insert a future date up until which data collection needs to be completed. Additional features such as help buttons, ‘Jump to’ buttons and Individual Demographic Form (IDF) as well as Individual Home Page links allow easy navigation within the module and provide more guidance to the users.

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