New Speare 4.0 transforms the writing process, emulates the mind rather than the blank page

Integrated building blocks, boards, and document view streamline the creative process, from idea capture to finished documents

LYNDEN, WA, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Speare, the world’s most powerful thought processor for writing and thinking, adds new capabilities in version 4.0 that make it more versatile and flexible than ever.

Speare 4.0 offers a streamlined interface that enables writers, content creators and knowledge workers to quickly capture and organize ideas in bite-sized chunks called “building blocks” to build documents with greater efficiency.

“Speare 4.0 balances linear structure with non-linear thinking in an intuitive and flexible way. It’s ergonomically designed for the mind,” explains Speare president Kent Sisco.

Speare 4.0’s updated user interface makes it easier than ever to use building blocks, boards and the app’s document view to think, write, and assemble your thoughts in ways that are most intuitive to you.

Speare’s browser-based responsive design displays well on everything from smartphones to large, panoramic monitors.

What makes Speare unique?
Unlike writing suites like Scrivener and Paypyrus Author, Speare is designed to be light and flexible. Its intuitive design enables you to capture, distill, and organize your thinking and writing with a minimum of friction.

At the same time, Speare offers greater flexibility than minimalist writing apps like Ulysses and IA writer. These apps build stories in a linear, distraction-free interface, but don’t offer tools to help writers organize their non-linear ideas.

“Speare is like a set of building blocks for your mind. It gives you complete freedom to connect your ideas in a flexible workspace. From blog posts to books, from term papers to course scripts, you can building anything that you can imagine,” Sisco adds.

Boards: Build your ideas here
You start writing in Speare 4.0 by capturing your ideas in building blocks on boards. They can contain text (typed or dictated directly into Speare), images, videos, and links. Support for markdown enables you to format headings, add links to sidenotes, and more.

Building blocks can not only be used for your writing but also for notes, research, and other background information you may need during the writing process. At any time, you can toggle between board view and document view to see what your document is looking like.

New: Outline view adds power and flexibility
Outline view is the biggest addition to Speare 4.0. In the previous version of Speare, you could compile your open boards into a document, in the order in which they appeared in the workspace. But this meant that you had to close any boards that you didn’t want to appear in your finished document.

In Speare 4.0, outline view appears in a vertical panel to the left of the workspace. It enables you to build your document, arranging boards in the order you want, independent of which boards are open in the workspace.

This enhanced functionality enables you to arrange boards containing all your writing in side-by-side boards in the workspace, while at the same time building a separate hierarchical representation of your document in outline view.

“Outline view eliminates the hurdles the mind has to jump through to simultaneously think and explore ideas, while also managing a writing project,” Sisco reveals.

What else is new in Speare 4.0?
Sidenotes: Speare 4.0 enables you to create links to supporting information in separate notes—ideal for citing sources when writing. Sidenotes are like footnotes, except they appear in separate boards rather than at the bottom of your document.

Navigable documents: Utilizing document view and a simplified version of the outline, this new feature converts board headings into links, making it easy to jump to different sections of long documents.

Sharable documents: Speare 4.0 enables you to privately share your writing with others.

In the near future, Speare will enable password protection of documents as well as the ability to comment on them. It’s all part of Sisco’s vision for a powerful, flexible platform that blurs the lines between documents and websites.

“It’s my goal to democratize writing and thinking—leveling the playing field for everyone,” he concludes.

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