New Survey Asks What Your Comfort Level Is for Flying, Dining Out, and Cruising During the Pandemic

Understanding the current thinking of travelers is the one approach that will allow government officials and companies to be prepared for the return to normal activities as vaccines are rolled out”

— Jonathan Spira

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, December 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — A new survey from a leading travel and lifestyle magazine wants to know how comfortable people are in undertaking travel and daily activities at the present time.

The brief survey can be taken online by clicking here.

As a resurgence of the coronavirus causes lockdowns across the world and life is being placed on hold for millions of people, the survey asks when you would consider certain everyday activities based on your own individual comfort level.

The survey seeks personal opinions that take individual life circumstances and risk tolerance into consideration. It follows a similar survey undertaken in June to which over 1,700 frequent travelers responded.

“Understanding the current thinking of frequent travelers is the one approach that will allow government officials and companies in the travel industry to be well prepared for the gradual return to normal activities as Covid-19 vaccines are rolled out,” said Jonathan Spira, the chief analyst at Basex, the research division at the magazine’s parent company.

While many individuals feel comfortable enough to go to a doctor’s office for non-urgent care at this point, probably an equal number are not. The same holds true for many other activities ranging from getting a hair cut to going out to eat.

The study seeks to examine multiple topics including

• How health and lifestyle issues have taken the lead in determining how people wish to travel
• Which key issues might the travel industry as a whole be failing to address
• What the correlation to our findings and age and gender will be with respect to when frequent travelers will feel comfortable undertaking specific activities
• Will travel companies meeting the minimum expectations of travelers during the pandemic
• How long the transition period and return to “normal” should take
• What health and lifestyle issues have a strong influence on travel decisions
• What messages do frequent travelers expect from travel companies concerning the pandemic beyond cleanliness and reasonable cancellation policies

The study will culminate in a 20+-page detailed report that provides a look behind the curtain, not only reporting on what travelers plan to do but when they expect to do it and what they may base their decisions upon.


Basex is the research division of Accura Media Group, a leading source of information in the travel, automotive, and lifestyle sectors. The company delivers its information through a wide range of formats that stem from an objective, independent stance.


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