New York Times to Acquire Podcaster Serial Productions

The New York Times will buy podcast production company Serial Productions, the company’s executive vice president David Pogue announced on Twitter.

The acquisition comes after the New York Times published an audio app called NYT Now and is on top of NYT Co.’s recent purchase of The Daily, a daily newsletter started by David Pogue in 2014.

Pogue, a technology journalist and author, confirmed the acquisition and said it would provide more support to the Post’s podcasts and news sites, including NYT Now, The Atlantic, Eater, The New Yorker, and Quartz.

I have been successfully (and happily) approached by several companies interested in buying Serial Productions. The one that made the most sense to me is the New York Times. I am on the way to their main office in NYC now. — David Pogue (@pogue) June 5, 2019

Other platforms, including Apple and the Guardian, are investing in podcasts. But while they host many of the same topics as television and newspapers, the changes being made could radically alter the way we consume audio and news in the future.

According to comScore, on average 49.8 million people listen to podcasts each month. But younger people tend to listen to them twice as often as those aged 35 and older.

New York Times is the first audiobook company that has received a podcast production acquisition. However, the newspaper says it is in the process of acquiring “other audio brands” and expect to have news on more acquisitions in the near future.

Some of the companies New York Times may be talking to are tech-focused like Cheddar or Vox Media, the publication said.

The purchase of Serial Productions will certainly mean more media coverage and stories in the New York Times on new audio platforms, but the future direction of audio news and media is yet to be seen.

Variety reported in April that audio projects or podcasts may be a longer-term investment for the New York Times, with “a smaller investment to ramp up quickly and additional investments to come.”

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