North American 2020 NGL Supply Yearbook Available Now

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, January 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sulpetro Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the NGL Supply Yearbook 2020, an annual publication providing sought after, up-to-date production data and market intelligence for all Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) facilities in North America.

NGL Supply Yearbook 2020 is the 39th annual statistical study for gas processing plants, refineries, and fractionators from Sulpetro’s LPG Almanac material. As the companion volume to the LPG Almanac, data in the series now covers the past thirty-nine years. Completion of 2019 tables enables comparison for the 2010-2019 ten-year period.

For thirty-nine years, Sulpetro’s data processing methodology has been consistent. “Sulpetro Inc. is proud of the quality publications and data-books we’ve produced, in particular, throughout 2020 in the face of uncertainty arising from the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Charlotte Kingsford, Sulpetro’s Chief Data Officer.

Key data points in the yearbook include:

-Natural gas and natural-gas-liquids industry production data for the U.S. and Canada
-Gas liquids production by product analyzed by U.S. state and Canadian province with totals for both gas producing plants and oil refineries
-For each state and province, an analysis of the prior year’s liquids production by product for gas processing plants, oil refineries, and fractionators of external NGL mix
-Ranking of the key industry players/largest plants by liquids output for the U.S. and Canada with prior years’ liquid production included for Year-Over-Year comparison
-Eight years of NGL U.S. price data and analysis

Dedicated to serving their clients, Sulpetro also offers consulting services, delivering custom-tailored services upon request. Working collaboratively with your team, they support your company in making market decisions with the highest business value. Their in-house staff has extensive expertise in market studies, econometric analysis, competitor analysis, and decision-support tools to assist your business development team.

Sulpetro is a data firm specializing in NGL market intelligence and analytics company operating since 1983, producing the Natural-Gas-Liquids (NGL) Supply Yearbook and the Liquids-Petroleum-Gas (LPG) Almanac. Together their team brings more than 50 years of oil and gas experience and market intelligence to their clients.

For more information and to purchase your copy of the NGL Yearbook, visit www.sulpetro.com.

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