NSW Net Zero Plan with the Strategy Goals that Inspire the Acceptance of Electric Cars by Removing Logistical and Financial barriers

Back in my journalism days, we used to hear this a lot. There was a stand that our paper’s managing editor set up on our back-porch. He’d tell everyone how all of our stories would change when everything went off-grid — when his remote encampment went completely off-grid.

Well, it wasn’t that easy — but it was real. I once brought him a Proporta cart and set up an off-grid vending station. It was an awesome experience.

And it started me thinking about the future of renewable energy. What if we could put solar panels and wind turbines all over the world? With renewable energy distributed all over the planet, how would our collective lifestyles change?

How about the way we work? I’m not talking about working outside offices. I’m talking about working from home and all-day offices, perfect for home brewing coffee while watching a commercial on our screens, or video games while working on our laptops.

I also wouldn’t be typing this blog right now with an iron fedora on my head and belly-fat on my side while sitting on the floor looking like I’m about to collapse into a pitch hole in an old chestnut barn. I’d be on my computer — probably leaning back on the couch, leaning more forward, working from a more comfortable chair. Like so.

But how about other forms of energy? Why can’t we all be off-grid in our cities? Why can’t we go to work from home all day and go home and watch the latest season of Dear Evan Hansen on our screens?

Ah, that’s right, we can’t. It would be cost prohibitive to make all of our power come from renewables. And not everyone can afford to live in an all-day office in the city. We would need to see significant investment in off-grid energy all over the world.

And we probably shouldn’t count on Mother Nature to do the trick.

Instead, I would like to see the leaders of all the world’s economies and countries come together, figure out how to make the kind of changes that would turn off the lights so to speak, and come up with a clear plan to help fuel that power source.

How about you? Would you like the world to be off-grid some day?

Would you like solar panels and wind turbines all over the world? All-day offices? Couch cams? Not working from a desk at all? Maybe. Maybe not. But one way or another, I would like it.

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