One Car Maker That Will Emerge Stronger From the Pandemic

Global disease eradication may be another three decades away, but some car makers are already preparing for their impact in 2020.

Since the launch of the Swiss-based e-Carmaker, Swatch has manufactured nearly 40,000 electric cars, the first being its Omega 125m in 2009.

As the company’s next electric car model, the 2022 Watch Quattro – which will launch in 2020 – is set to be one of the biggest events Swatch has made.

This is because it will be followed by the world’s first ‘petrol-free car’ – the WAVE petrol-free car from the WAVE manufacturer.

“The WAVE, produced by the Austrian company WLTPZ, uses a plug-in system – making it a truly electric vehicle,” It was recently announced in January 2019 that Swatch had ordered 100 of the WAVE cars for delivery by next year – with production starting in autumn 2019.

This will follow production of eight WAVE electric cars from just one WAVE partner to date – California based ZDNET based on this announcement.

It is important for Swatch that its WAVE products are exactly what its customers need – and at a very affordable price.

Most of the WAVE models are produced under the Swatch brand, under the working name ‘Swatch Rolf’ with the track record of quality from its Swatch electric vehicle division – which has shown outstanding resale value.

Swatch has successfully pioneered new technology in the automotive sector, with Swatch’s engineers quickly developed plug-in cycles for the WAVE which ensure an optimum charge for the plug-in WAVE car and a regular long lasting charge in order to continue the journey from A to B.

Initially the WAVE cars will be priced under $15,000, with only limited group leases available.

When I spoke to Swatch last year I asked the CEO of Swatch & Cie:

It was announced recently that Swatch will start to produce the WAVE petrol-free electric cars – what does this move mean for the world of 2019?

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