Online Tutoring Company Seeks to Make High-Quality Tutoring Affordable

At a time when students need extra help the most, a barrier for American families is the high price of tutoring. Benchmark Learning is solving this problem.

ANAHEIM, CA, UNITED STATES, December 12, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — With the sudden shift to online learning causing students to fall significantly behind in their proficiency in subjects like Mathematics and English, the pandemic has created what experts at the Brookings Institution call the “COVID-slide”. At a time when students need extra help more than ever before, quality tutoring services remain much more expensive than many families can afford. An experienced tutor can cost parents around $60 an hour; a price not feasible for the average American family for a service required on an ongoing basis.

A company seeking to solve this problem is Benchmark Learning, an online tutoring provider that specializes in Mathematics, English, Science and Coding tutoring for school children. With a team of highly-experienced experts in each subject, Benchmark Learning focuses on providing a high-quality, bespoke tutoring experience at an affordable price. Currently, the company charges just $15 per hour for private tutoring services, in which they provide a free trial session and periodic progress reports for each student, with group tutoring and homework help sessions priced even lower.

“Today, we live in a changed world, and many parents just do not know how to help their kids. Our biggest goal is to be a valuable community partner for families,” said the company’s founder, Paarvv Goel, in a conversation with us on Thursday. “At the end of the day, we just want to provide a customized tutoring experience at an affordable price,” Goel continued.

This resolve to provide a “high-quality, customized tutoring experience” has become quite popular with clients. “Benchmark Learning is an excellent resource for elementary age kids in ANY subject,” remarked one client in a review on the company’s Facebook page. “My kids LOVE their Benchmark time,” wrote another. Parents using the service often discuss how most tutoring solutions either offer a decent price, or a great service, but Benchmark Learning is one of very few providers that offers both.

In order to preserve their service’s quality as they continue to scale, the company has put in place numerous standards for their recruitment efforts. This includes minimum degree qualifications, required teaching experience, numerous examinations and a rigorous in-house training regime. All new tutors go through a six-step recruitment and training process before they may begin teaching classes.

“We really have a phenomenal team of tutoring associates which is growing day-by-day!” said Alisha, who is Benchmark Learning’s Tutoring Lead, “Our team works hard to help our students in the most individualized ways, which is what makes the service attractive to parents.”

Amidst their growing popularity with parents, Benchmark Learning has also launched its coding tutoring program, “Coding with Benchmark,” which is set to begin classes in the third week of January. In a bid to provide students with “21st Century relevant skills,” Coding with Benchmark will focus on training students in popular coding languages like Javascript, HTML and Python, with others like Java and C# coming soon. This program also follows the company’s general mandate of quality and affordability. Coding packages are priced at half of what global competitors in the space currently charge, and are being taught by experienced professionals in the coding space.

As the world continues to change, and digital becomes the new norm, one can only hope that online, affordable solutions like this become more widely available.

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