Oracle Has Made Representations to Address TikTok National Security Issues: Treasury’s Monica Crowley

Lieutenant General, United States Marine Corps (Ret.) and former White House senior advisor, Monica Crowley, has criticized statements and policies of the US Treasury Department.

A law called the Copyright Term Extension Act went into effect in June 2017. In the US, copyright protects a way to create an original work of artistic or scientific merit. The sole purpose of this act is to help the legislation survive the fast-approaching window of time when the law will be invalidated.

This law grants copyright protection to material created before January 13, 1972 to new works for which material first created before 1972 has expired. The copyright protected materials after 1972 are added to the public domain.

Monica Crowley, who the US Department of State recommended at the top of Trump’s National Security Council, posted this message on her Twitter page:

“Attorney & former US Marine Corps Lt. General, CFIUS Commish, and former White House Senior Advisor, Monica Crowley, has criticized statements and policies of the U.S. Treasury Department,”

Monica Crowley is not the only former White House advisor to criticize the department’s position on digital copyright. Former White House advisor Steve Bannon and his son James also criticized the Treasury’s statement on copyright. Monica Crowley has criticized the administration as much as anyone else. Her extreme opinion is met with an extreme amount of backlash. The same goes for her tweets on this issue.

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