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ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — As more companies and organizations expand into world -wide foreign markets, CEO’s must determine how to effectively function at a global level to understand the culture of the individuals they do business with. But developing a global mindset can be increasingly challenging for high-level executives to navigate unforeseen risks and obstacles. That’s why a qualified professional is crucial to provide leaders direction, help them discover untapped potential, build intercultural relationships, and expertly assist their organization in meeting its operational objectives.

Patricia is a highly regarded Global Executive Coach, acclaimed Keynote Speaker, and CEO of P. Burlaud Consulting LLC dedicated to serve executive achievers leading in an environment with a global flavor component.

“Having adapted a far reaching, global mindset all my life I remain steadfastly impassioned on how cultural diversity produces an enhanced type of mindset necessary in attaining solid interconnectedness with other cultures,” says Patricia. “Through my global coaching, I assist high achieving, driven, ambitious leaders to develop self-awareness in communicating appropriately with other cultures strategically and in the most impactful, sustainable way possible.”

Originally from Paris, France, Patricia’s distinguished career spans forty years from working as a nuclear physicist, a University Professor, and finally a Global Dean in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the U.S. With decades teaching students and leading international administrative teams across the world, she gained in depth knowledge of cultures from Africa, China, Russia, the Arab world, and the U.S. After formally retiring from higher education, she officially transitioned into Coaching bringing her extensive knowledge to continue serving out-of-the-box thinkers with a deeper purpose.

Today, Patricia offers the much-needed tools for leaders and aspiring leaders in the face of an ever changing technologically advanced world where we can reach people on another continent in the blink of an eye through texts, ZOOM, and other social media. Through her dedicated work, clients develop increased resilience to meet predicaments head on while heightening their unique strengths and talents.

“By facilitating high-achieving leaders to unleash their full potential, uncover roadblocks, become innovative and fearless while remaining healthy and balanced benefits the entire organization,” says Patricia.

As a trusted sought- after global coach, part of her mission is urging women to cultivate their growth and aspire for more leadership positions. Women, she says, create a more fast-forward approach as natural nurturers. Promoting gender diversity (and diversity in general) indicates a more inclusive approach to broadening communication bringing a fresh perspective to executive roles.

With her unique global experience, her optimism, visionary style, and in-depth knowledge, Patricia remains poised in engaging her clients to expand to the best version of themselves, while mastering the understanding of other cultures.

Leaders can be found in every level or organizations either hierarchically or longitudinally, she affirms, but the most important question is “what kind of leader do you aspire to be?”

Patricia explains that for CEO’s it can be lonely at the top. Through her coaching, Patricia challenges them out of their zone of comfort to openly divulge emerging ideas or vision with her, so they feel confident enough afterwards to share them with their team and the outside world. That is the core of her coaching.

“Uncovering my client’s highest potential is groundbreaking so I’m eager to find out the most efficient cutting edge ways teams can work together on what is holding them back from being more innovative,” she says.

For Patricia, the most important qualities leaders need to have today in a world impacted by so many unexpected disruptions, is a high degree of empathy, Emotional Intelligence and positive strategies to be able to relate to others within, or outside of their organization with a genuine open heart.

Patricia says it is never too late for freeing ourselves from self-limiting beliefs and also encourage us to wholeheartedly pursue our true passion.

“Follow what your heart calls to you and create positive impact,” says Patricia. “Work hard, fulfill your dreams, but never compromise your values and who you are. I embarked on this coaching adventure for life and will continue to serve with absolute resolve and true purposefulness.”

Close Up Radio will feature Patricia Burlaud in an interview with Jim Masters on Tuesday February 23rd at 11 a.m. EST and with Doug Llewelyn on Wednesday March 3rd at 11 a.m. EST

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