Paul Prince drops 2 songs of his album “in my corner” back to back


USA, December 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — After teasing us for months and releasing music throughout 2020, with music and singles and music videos. Paul Prince gives us again 2 singles out of his album. The first song called “chosen one” ft. Baby Jugg , one of the main songs of the album drops on his birthday on December 21. Gives you an insight of what Paul Prince he is. Chosen one, the one you seek. Well Done Paul Prince, with such a portfolio you are definitely a chosen one. He also releases another song the very next day called “ you a star” ft. Stephen Voyce. A Great Sound. He expresses his admiration for ladies and women in general and why they should be considered stars. A great melody and a taste of the album that’s coming in 2021. January 19. We can also expect several videos coming the next weeks and months from the album.

Paul Prince sound methods and versatility is to admire, Paul Prince can jump to a rap song and go to very soul or R&B sound. “Why limit ourselves when we can do it all?” Paul Prince says . “ I even consider doing some Rock, we will see in 2021”.

Paul Prince love for music is unparalleled and we can find a bit of everything with his sound.

Additionally, he is also a media producer, Paul Prince love to make movies write books and more. A young man to discover, a young man with a bright future.

Find out more about his album “in my corner” and more of his future projects on his website

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