Peculium Appoints Eric Egnet as Chief Executive Officer U.S. and President of Peculium France

A dedicated leader whose deep knowledge, expertise, and proven ability to deliver results will be great advantages for Peculium for many years to come.

PARIS, FRANCE, June 8, 2021 / — Peculium today announced the appointment of Eric Egnet, a highly experienced 25-year Innovative Driven Business and Technology Executive as Chief Executive Officer U.S. and President of Peculium France.

“In searching for our new Chief Executive U.S., the Board was very mindful of the need for an individual with keen knowledge and understanding, extensive real-world experience, and the passion and ability to drive Peculium’s future agenda forward, said Rashid Oukhai, Founder & CEO, and Chair of Peculium’s Board of Directors. “I am delighted with Eric’s appointment. He is a dedicated leader whose deep knowledge, expertise, and proven ability to deliver results will be great advantages for Peculium for many years to come. His proactive approach, strategic mindset, vast business, and technology experience, and community-centric approach make him a true asset, and we are confident in Peculium’s ability to create significant value under his leadership.”

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Mr. Egnet is a seasoned executive, business strategist, senior technologist, and visionary innovator specializing in emerging technology and disruptive innovation across sectors and industries. He is a founder-owner of a strategy consultancy & private equity firm and serves as an officer, board member, and operating executive of a portfolio of emerging technology and disruptive innovation companies in Fintech, Robotics, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Computer Virtualization, International Commerce, Cybersecurity, and Personalized Nutrition industries.

Mr. Egnet has successfully grown, transformed, and scaled businesses. Eric is an operating partner for companies, thought leader, and global speaker cited in several leading journals and was named one of the top 100 Social CIOs for three consecutive years by the Huffington Post. In addition, he is an accomplished entrepreneur, seed investor and serves on several emerging technology companies’ boards and advisory boards.

As a C-Level Officer of early-stage startups, mid-market, and large-market companies, Eric has been part of many successful business exits and double-digit M&A transactions. He has led, and strategically diversified businesses developed and implemented innovative technologies, and participated in several funding rounds. In addition, he has created competitive advantages, driven sales & marketing, launched new businesses, established strong partnerships, scaled operations, and was crucial in helping one company successfully go public.

“I am excited to be joining Peculium at this important juncture in time as the company is publically beta testing its revolutionary, ground-breaking, and next-generation SAIEVE crypto savings and investment platform. Utilizing highly sophisticated AI machine learning and blockchain-enabled processing, SAIEVE leverages a powerful array of risk management algorithms to intelligently diversify and continually optimize investments to achieve the lowest risk-to-benefit ratio,” said Eric Egnet. “The platform utilizes Peculium’s proprietary and leading-edge artificial intelligence engine called AIEVE, developed and trained over the last five years, and is powered by a highly computational supercomputer that exponentially processes and scales Peculium’s full suite of Fintech solutions 24/7.”

Peculium believes Digital Assets governed by open-source networks enable a new paradigm of monetary systems and mechanisms to store and transfer value. By unlocking a new mechanism to store and transfer value, cryptocurrencies have the opportunity to create an open foundation of strong assurances in savings, wealth, and financial integrity. As a result, we offer our clients fully diversified cryptocurrency portfolios tailored to their risk profile and goals.

“Eric Egnet’s strong business and technology leadership will help propel Peculium as a company and Fintech solutions forward worldwide,” stated Bilel Ben Tanfous, Chief Operating Officer. “Having someone of Eric’s caliber join Peculium will help strengthen us and our offerings as a global Fintech company. We are quite fortunate to have him.”

About Peculium
Peculium is a modern and pioneering fintech company that delivers a suite of cryptocurrency savings and investment solutions. The company’s state-of-the-art solutions provide investors the opportunity to protect and grow their money both safely and securely.

Peculium’s goal is not only to challenge the status quo of savings and investment practices but to revolutionize and democratize it for people worldwide through our AI-enabled cryptocurrency Fintech solutions, which provide easy user access, total transparency, risk management, capital preservation, and healthy returns for investors,


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