Pelosi Says Sides Remain ‘Miles Apart’ on Stimulus Bargaining

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has taken to Twitter this week to celebrate June as National Rebuilding Month, calling for Congress to work on passing a national infrastructure bill and declaring June 12 “Rebuilding America Day.”

While it is encouraging to see the house minority leader calling attention to a primary reason Americans head to the polls in November, her response to questions on the president’s recent cancellation of an infrastructure summit at the White House suggests that Democrats and the Trump administration are still far apart.

When asked at a town hall to describe the differences between Democrats and the White House on infrastructure, Pelosi responded, “We’re the ones holding up jobs.”

“The president is a master builder,” she said, referring to White House claims that it was able to convince the handful of Democrats he’d agreed to meet with before cancelling the summit that the only reason his administration agreed to negotiations on infrastructure was due to Pelosi.

“They came into the room twice and gave us a bill to negotiate and we turned it down.”

Pelosi followed up on that by saying that while the president’s new administration may have been able to convince one party to negotiate with it on tax cuts, that proved to be a faulty strategy for delivering an infrastructure plan.

“That’s not a policy because it didn’t get anything done,” she said.

When the questioner replied that “Republicans,” he added, “Is that plural?”

“Yeah, that’s correct,” Pelosi replied.

She added that infrastructure legislation should be set in stone to prevent projects from suffering because of an abrupt change in power.

“No bill gets done if it’s not in the law books,” she said.

According to Pelosi, if the president wants to get an infrastructure bill through, he should meet with Democrats on Capitol Hill, adding that it “would be the best setup for a good policy.”

It’s difficult to tell whether Pelosi’s statements show that Democrats and the Trump administration are miles apart, but it sure doesn’t sound like that’s the case.

Still, the real question is whether the president will be willing to meet with Democrats to hammer out an infrastructure plan.

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