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Peter Zieve knows that rigorous product testing is an absolute must when it comes to launching a successful product or service, according to Peter Zieve.

SEATLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, June 7, 2021 / — Peter Zieve knows that rigorous product testing is an absolute must when it comes to launching a successful product or service, according to Peter Zieve. Leaving the viability of a product or service its target market to make the final decision includes far too much ambiguity, especially when a launch has so much riding on it in terms of spent capital and investment these days.
According to Peter Zieve, the key factor of product testing shows that the product can be successful on its own merits. Strip away the marketing, the messaging, the brand association, and similar, the product needs to be able to show that it can stand on its own and perform better than expected. That includes, Peter Zieve notes, that the consumer can understand intuitively how the product works or do so with minimal instruction as well.
Consumer perspective pays dividends when it is identified early. The various aspects that create product attractions or repellants go a long way in impacting initial sales levels as well as references and secondary sales as well. When the consumer perspective is ignored, Peter Zieve points out, the product can ultimately end up being a money trap with good investment chasing bad because no one bothered to identify the aspect that drives customers away.
Rigorous product testing also helps with competitive benchmarking. Peter Zieve points out that early competitiveness evaluations can help determine how many resources need to be dedicated upfront. For example, a well-saturated market with established players is going to require a lot of up-front investment to break into. However, Peter Zieve also argues, a niche market that has been missed could take little investment for incredible return because nobody is serving that niche already.
Identification of value, obviously, is a big benefit from rigorous product testing as well. The process can save a company big dollars from costly mistakes if weaknesses in a product are found early on before they are invested in the public market. Peter Zieve has seen multiple examples where companies could have gone further with testing but didn’t, and then they paid dearly for the mistake. Not only does heavy product testing find issues that might have been covered up by overzealous managers trying to push a new “success” to market for a promotion, it forces the product to show its financial work before full commitment happens in an objective manner.
In short, good product testing per Peter Zieve produces a superior product, avoidance of mistakes and legal problem risks, an improvement of quality delivered to consumers, it helps document product design and changes for prototype success, and it helps match valuable and limited financial resources to those products with the highest chance of success. After all, isn’t that what a for-profit company is after, Peter Zieve will point out?

In Addition, Peter Zieve Highlights one of his management slogans “that which is not tested does not work”

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