Phibro Ethanol™ Expands into Full-spectrum Partner with Advanced Ethanol Solutions Lineup

TEANECK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2021 / — Today, Phibro announced that Phibro’s Ethanol Performance Group is now Phibro Ethanol. Phibro’s Ethanol Performance Group has long been the industry leader in antimicrobial products for ethanol producers, but that’s now just one component of a fully integrated portfolio of solutions to enable ethanol producers to experience performance and achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency.

The newly named Phibro Ethanol, part of Phibro Animal Health Corporation, is today’s full-spectrum ethanol performance partner, with a lineup of yeast solutions, cleaning products, process aids and enzymes in addition to its industry-leading antimicrobials like Lactrol® antimicrobial. Phibro Ethanol provides a level of service, expertise and peace of mind shaped by decades of experience in the ethanol industry that producers have come to expect from Phibro.

“We’ve worked hard for a long time to become a trusted partner for ethanol producers. We’ve listened to their needs and our full lineup of products and services reflects our commitment to helping them achieve top performance,” said Phibro Ethanol President, Mike Giambalvo. “Their success is essentially our success, and our full lineup of products and personalized service will give them confidence that every gallon of fuel that leaves their plants exceeds their customers’ expectations in every way.”

Kinetx™ is Phibro’s new genetically modified glucoamylase-producing yeast specifically designed for ethanol and offers superior tolerance to common stress factors. It joins Phibro ADY™ and the FortiPhi™ line of yeast solutions in Phibro’s robust fermentation performance product portfolio. Phibro’s innovative Total Cleaning Program (Phibro TCP™) provides ethanol producers improved plant performance with products, equipment and software that help remove deposits that would otherwise disrupt operations. This program features automation software tuned in to each customer’s fermentation process.

“Phibro has decades of experience in yeast, as a formulator, distributor and manufacturer of animal nutritional specialty products for livestock and companion animals. Kinetx delivers that experience and expertise in a high-performance product specifically designed for ethanol production,” Giambalvo said. “Producers have counted on Phibro for antimicrobials for two decades now. Our advanced process aids and cleaning products make up another toolset supporting Phibro’s commitment to delivering performance to every part of the plant.”

The new products and services contribute to Phibro’s expansion into a full-spectrum trusted partner. “Ethanol producers can count on Phibro to stand alongside them in raising the bar for plant performance, efficiency and overall productivity,” Giambalvo added.

“We’re fortunate to have such great relationships with producers around the country,” he said. “We take those relationships seriously, and our new full portfolio of products and services reflect how important they are to us. We will continue to innovate so our producers can continue to do what they do best and experience performance with Phibro.”

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Phibro Ethanol (formerly Ethanol Performance Group), a division of Phibro Animal Health Corporation, is a global provider of products and solutions for the biofuels and distilled spirits industry. For more information on Phibro Ethanol and the full suite of products, please visit

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Phibro Animal Health Corporation is a diversified global developer, manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of animal health and mineral nutrition products for livestock, helping veterinarians and farmers produce healthy, affordable food while using fewer natural resources. For further information, please visit

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