Phoenix Fertility Clinic With Remarkable Egg Freezing Success Wins Best Clinic Award for Third Year in a Row

Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists masters egg vitrification process, helps couples needing donor eggs have a child & adds flexibility in timing families

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2021 / — In the less than 10 years since egg freezing was no longer deemed an experimental infertility treatment, Dr. Drew Moffitt and his embryologists have worked to perfect their skills in the vitrification (flash freezing) of a woman’s eggs for future use by her or others needing donated eggs to have a family. Winning the Superior Outcomes In Vitrification Egg Freezing Practice Award for the third year in a row is a testament to their success.

“It’s no surprise to name Arizona Reproductive Medical Specialists (ARMS) as a third-year winner of our top award, as they truly are leaders of vitrification excellence,” said Heidi Hayes, executive vice president of Donor Egg Bank USA (DEB), which bestows the award. “Their remarkable 56.8% clinical pregnancy rate is evidence of their mastery of this highly technical and challenging skill set.”

Thousands of families owe their start to egg freezing, a process that has evolved and continues to, with specialists like Dr. Moffitt at the forefront. The female egg is a complex physical structure, and successfully freezing and thawing eggs without damage is still very challenging.

“Knowing that we are the first practice to receive this award for a third year in a row is absolutely a source of pride,” said Dr. Moffitt, medical director of ARMS. “To be so honored, our fertility practice must demonstrate good quality in our entire lab operations, not just vitrification. We work together with Donor Egg Bank USA to ensure that our frozen egg success rates are on par with the best fresh egg donor programs in the country.”

In addition to using vitrification for egg donations to infertile couples, the same process has drawn tens of thousands of young women to freeze their eggs at an earlier age, when the eggs are most viable, for use later to start a family when they are ready. This allows previously unavailable flexibility in timing a family. ARMS is actively involved in helping women freeze their eggs for this purpose, known as fertility preservation.

“We’ve found that programs with good donor egg outcomes also have good fertility preservation success rates,” said Hayes. “The reverse isn’t always true. Women in the Phoenix area are lucky to have a fertility practice that goes above and beyond in patient care and clinical quality.”

Moffitt wants to help educate women about this application of egg freezing, which is being heavily marketed to women as a means to “stop their biological clock,” particularly by egg freezing agencies that do not always have data to back their claims. They also exclude critical details, such as needing in vitro fertilization (IVF) in order to use the eggs.

“Egg freezing is not an insurance policy that guarantees pregnancy on your time frame,” said Dr. Moffitt. “But it can increase the odds of a woman successfully postponing pregnancy.”

He advises any couple or woman considering egg freezing to do careful research and select a clinic with a high-quality lab. It should also be affiliated with a national donor egg bank, which will only work with clinics that show proven success rates. And when the time comes, freeze a large quantity of eggs to increase the odds of success.

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