Pinterest is Prohibiting Culturally Inappropriate Halloween Costumes

Pinterest announced it’s blocking 3rd party vendors from selling costumes for Halloween that violate its Community Guidelines. The products will no longer appear on the site.

Colored hair, collared shirts, and pointy-toed shoes are the top ten categories on the site that are prohibited. So are kilt costumes, fireman costumes, and female Harry Potter costumes.

If a user finds a particular costume they want to buy on Pinterest, they’ll need to submit the purchase request to the retailer. A better idea, if we’re being honest here, would be for them to use Google Shopping or Bing Shopping.

Pinterest announced its decision to block costumes for Halloween under its “Community Guidelines” section. The guidelines outline its enforcement of “offensive” and “profane” content.

Here’s the excerpt from Pinterest’s announcement:

We recognize that we’re tasked with addressing the vibrant and diverse communities of users who are passionate about celebrating and preserving their cultural and aesthetic traditions. However, as we’ve grown, we’ve also grown some guidelines about the things we allow and don’t allow on Pinterest, and we’ve made a strategic decision to no longer support some costumes, particularly those that might be culturally insensitive.

It’s unclear why Pinterest is banning pointy-toed shoes and being oh-so-secretly afraid of pointed-toed shoes. We will find out soon enough, when the company’s Board of Directors announced its acquisition of Billion Dollar Babies in April.

Pinterest’s decision to stop the practice of allowing knock-offs means a new bidder to all the other big-box costume vendors, like Target, JCPenney, and Walmart, on the block. If the company keeps its attention on the acquisition it is planning to make, at least we’ll get a few interesting costumes for this holiday season. If not, more competition will only make things more expensive and time-consuming for those of us with limited funds to spend on costumes (this Halloween is actually a great one for costume shopping, for obvious reasons).

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