Powerful Prep Founder Matt Larriva Offers Perspective on Array of EdTech Offerings

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Elite Super Tutor Evaluates Growing EdTech Space

The space rapidly snowballs into a behemoth, and not one that merely caters to the school-aged student.”

— Matt Larriva, founder of Powerful Prep

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — A curious trend in VC has gone surprisingly unnoticed. China was on par to overtake the United States in VC valuations until late 2019, when Chinese VC backed deals sharply contracted due to risk-off sentiment. The strong-returning Chinese investments are made in familiar areas, but an emerging industry has recently been attracting a greater portion. It’s called EdTech, focused on integrating education and technology, and as of 2018, China has the lion’s share of investments in the space.

There’s plenty of international capital to go around as the EdTech industry has increased 16 times over the last decade—from half a billion dollars to $8.2 billion in just eight years. Holon IQ, the leader in tracking the rapidly growing EdTech space, says the industry stands to triple in the next decade, as this product space attracts capital from government and private sectors.

While many are familiar with online learning, few can conceive just how broad and deep the EdTech space has become. “The space rapidly snowballs into a behemoth, and not one that merely caters to the school-aged student,” states Matt Larriva, founder of Powerful Prep a leading concierge tutoring firm dedicated to transparency, massive point gains and customized curriculum. “EdTech has something for everyone, whether you’re learning a new language, looking to sharpen your talent, known as UpSkilling, or aiming to mentor, chances are there’s an EdTech app for that.”

One reason the EdTech space is so vast is that for every product that can be directed toward the students, there’s likely a counterpart directed toward the educators’ side. For every Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) platform—designed to administer content to students—there is an Ed Management platform—designed to provide data visibility of the student’s progress to parents and educators. The dimensions extend across yet another axis, as every course likely also has a separate application to administer auxiliary support. Enter tutoring platforms, study-note platforms, test-prep platforms and homework-solution platforms.

The industry largely defies classification. Holon IQ tries to split the players into ten subgroups, but it seems like it could use ten more. It can help to think of it in terms of two dimensions: the technology made for educators and the technology made for aspirers. Educator technology is focused on making the teaching and tracking process better. In this space, EdTech is focused on curriculum, progress, evaluation and deployment of content. Some of the more compelling names in this space are developing technology to machine-grade homework and tests, solving an ageless stressor for teachers.

The aspirant’s side is when EdTech gets interesting. There is no shortage of products to assist with the basics, like step-by-step homework solutions and study notes. Then, there is also the paradigm-shifting. There is a segment that focuses on making the curriculum vitae (CV) unnecessary by instead shifting all of one’s accomplishments to an online portfolio, visible to potential employers. There are products designed to give a jobseeker an interview with an AI bot for the purpose of improving the interviewee’s performance.

How do educators sift through this dizzying array of offerings? With a dose of skepticism. Powerful Prep, which offers one-on-one SAT and ACT prep from Ivy League grads, uses only two EdTech products, which were hand-selected after meeting personally with the developers.

Powerful Prep’s favorite EdTech product is a gamified system, which teaches test-stress management. Another system they use allows instant grading, diagnostics and tracking of practice tests based on a picture of the results.

“EdTech might be overcomplicating the space,” states Larriva. “When we were looking for an online platform, we tried everything from Skype, to a custom-built interface, and the one thing they were all missing was the ability to easily mark up a document and flip between pages. In the end, I bought overhead document cameras for all the teachers, so they can write naturally on the material itself and have their writing show up on the students’ screens. It’s relatively low-tech, but it’s the clearest and easiest delivery method in the industry.”

Powerful Prep founder, Matt Larriva has a Master’s in applied statistics and experience in machine learning, allowing him to offer a unique perspective and understand a lot of the technology behind the scenes.

Larriva was named an “elite super tutor” by the BBC, and works locally and globally with students who are seeking the best in test prep. Larriva completed his undergraduate degree at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and has a Masters in Applied Statistics from UCLA. He has published three books on test prep.

To read Matt Larriva’s advice on the college preparation process, please visit: https://www.quora.com/profile/Matthew-Larriva.

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