Production Printer Market Share, Application and Forecast Assumptions 2022-2031

The Production Printer Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.26% during the forecast period driven by the growing demand for high-speed printing for multiple applications like commercial, publishing, and label & packaging. Production printers can supply high volumes printing within a short time.

– The publishing industry globally is shifting from offset to digital production printing to make processes more cost-effective. This shift is resulting in the growth of production printer market. Production printers are being extensively used for large-scale printing of label & package documents, that includes cartons, label, flexible package, corrugated packaging, plastic packaging, anti-corrosive packaging, and foil sealed bags.
– The rising demand for inkjet technology and its subsequent adoption for commercial and publishing category printing is expected to aid the growth of global production printer market. Inkjet can effectively produce short runs and unique products. The trend of online ordering and specification, with the help of web-to-print technology, is growing strongly in commercial printing.

Scope of the Report

Production printers are high-speed computer printers which start around 60 ppm and are used for volume printing, manuals and booklets.

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Key Market Trends

Growth of Printing Applications in Packaging is Expected to Drive Growth

– Economic growth underpins the print packaging growth across all countries, with most of the high growth markets expected a positive economic growth outlook as compared to developed markets. The growth of the middle class is translating into more consumers and, therefore, growth for packaging. The high growth regions are expected to create demands in terms of volumes for print packaging.
– The developed markets offer opportunities based on product differentiation. Consumers in the developed markets are willing to pay a premium for differentiation. Packaging can help in changing the perception of a product and acts as a price driver. This, in turn, is expected to create great opportunities for print packaging by creating demands in innovation and design advances.
– The growth of e-commerce is expected to drive the demand for better packaging solutions worldwide. This is expected to drive the Production Printing solutions in packaging that can meet the needs of this market where competition is very high. The evolution of e-commerce is expected to create demands for printing methods that can match the speed, volumes, and standardization that this industry demands.

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Asia-Pacific is Expected to be the Fastest Growing Market

– Asia-Pacific is expected to the fastest-growing market for Production Printing with India, Indonesia, and Vietnam being the fastest-growing markets.
– The proliferation of the internet worldwide is expected to restrain the growth of publishing printing and marketing & commercial printing in the developed markets. Conversely, in the emerging markets, though technology has allowed countries to advance to digital media, print remains a cheaper and more effective medium where a fewer number of people are online.
– Rising incomes and education levels in Asia-Pacific is helping the growth of both publishing printing as well as marketing and commercial printing
– Further, according to Worldwide Market for Print 2.0 published by the Association for Print Technologies (APTech), India is expected to be the fastest-growing market for publishing at a CAGR 8.1% per year, adding USD 1.2 billion of revenue from 2017 to 2021.
– The report further adds that by 2020, India’s market is expected to surpass that of France and the U.K. Asia-Pacific is expected to command 58.5% of the global market for publishing printing products by 2021.

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