Provivi® announces commercial launch in México

Fall Armyworm larvae on corn cob

Provivi FAW dispenses in original packaging, ready to be installed in the corn field

Provivi FAW dispensers ready to be installed in Mexico

The launch of Provivi FAW marks the beginning of a new era for Mexican corn growers, introducing mating disruption for the control of Fall Armyworm in corn

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, December 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — As orders covering thousands of hectares arrive, Provivi® Inc (“Provivi”), an emerging crop protection company using pheromones to protect crops from major damaging insects, is proud to announce the launch of “Provivi FAW(TM)” mating disruption dispenser for the control of Fall Armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) in corn.

“Our launch of Provivi FAW marks the beginning of a new era of effective, affordable, and environmentally benign protection against Fall Armyworm. This will benefit farmers not only in México but several other countries across the world, where we are currently developing and registering the product,” said Pedro Coelho, CEO & Co-Founder at Provivi.

“This important milestone for Provivi is the result of years of dedicated efforts from our team and demonstrates the successful development from a purely R&D company towards a successful commercial business. We are delighted to employ the newest technologies in the production of our pheromone products, thereby reducing cost and rendering them accessible and affordable for Mexican corn growers”, said Juan Lombana, VP Global Sales, Marketing & Business Development at Provivi.

Starting the first week of November, the local Provivi México team has carried out distributors’ training and overseen the installation of several hundreds of hectares of newly planted corn in Sinaloa.

“As a preventative technology, the use of mating disruption forms a new foundation of Integrated Pest Management in corn. Providing farmers an affordable, season-long control of the insect population, Provivi FAW also improves the crop and reduces the need for insecticide applications. This benefits not only the farmers but also the environment and consumers,” said Carlos Uribe, Country Manager, México.

“Apart from being affordable and proven effective over thousands of hectares of field trials, farmers adopting this product are excited that the technology simplifies the farm operations and reduces the exposure to chemical insecticides. The desire to be safer and healthy is important to farmers.”, Mr. Uribe added.

The launch of Provivi FAW will change the way farmers in México manage the Fall Armyworm problem. Provivi FAW is installed as dispensers in the fields at the start of the season. Over the next months, the dispensers will release a pheromone specific to this damaging pest, which will disrupt their mating and prevent damaging populations in the crop.

About Provivi®
We are a groundbreaking science-based company creating scalable, safer insect control technology that will improve the quality of life for all humans and our world.

Provivi® is developing a family of safe, effective, and economical pheromone solutions, creating a new foundation for pest and resistance management in crop production. Pheromones are substances that serve as highly selective attractants for insects, allowing the control of harmful pests while preserving beneficial insects. Provivi’s patented production method enables a step-change in the cost of manufacturing pheromones, allowing the use of this proven tool in high-acreage crops such as corn, rice, and soy.

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Provivi FAW, the new preventative and effective method to control Fall Armyworm populations in México

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