Purple Heart Homes Golden Corner Chapter Serves its 100th Veteran

Mission Complete Ceremony Being Planned

STATESVILLE, NC, UNITED STATES, December 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Purple Heart Homes (PHH) is pleased to announce that its Golden Corner Chapter (PHHGCC) will celebrate its 100th Veteran served with a Mission Complete ceremony. The ceremony was originally planned for December 3, 2020, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Mission Complete must be postponed to a later date.

PHH and PHHGCC, together with The Home Depot Foundation, Honoring Their Service, and the Foothills Church in Seneca joined together to build a tiny home for David Campbell, a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran who lost his home to a tornado on Easter morning. The home, which his grandfather built, was passed down to David’s father, and then David. However, when David’s father died without a will, David was unable to get insurance and register the home in his name, and when FEMA could not help with the home’s recovery, he became homeless.

Thanks to the generosity of The Home Depot Foundation, PHHGCC arranged for the National PHH Office in Statesville, NC, to build a small modular (tiny) home using materials donated by The Home Depot Foundation. To date, The Home Depot Foundation has donated over $300,000 in materials and the District Team Depot has contributed over 3,000 hours of volunteer labor to the Chapter alone.

The creation of the home’s foundation required financial support and Honoring Their Service, a charity that sponsors the annual MARSOC Marine visit from Camp Lejeune, NC to Keowee Key, SC, donated the necessary funds to start the project. The Foothills Church of Seneca has provided skilled volunteers to assist with the buildout. All construction was done by volunteers, and the Mission Complete ceremony will recognize the completion of the home, and David’s ability to reside in it.

“We are exceptionally grateful to the many charitable organizations that have come together to help provide David Campbell this home,” said John Gallina, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PHH. “Purple Heart Homes could not accomplish its work on behalf of Service-Connected Disabled Veterans without the generosity of The Home Depot Foundation, our partner for many years, and the local charities that also provide funding and volunteers for this, and other, projects. We hope that this tiny home, the second which PHH has created for a Veteran, is followed by many more that will offer safe and comfortable homes for Service-Connected Disabled Veterans around the country.”

Bill Campbell, President of PHHGCC, agrees. “We are proud and excited to announce the completion of our 100th project for a Veteran. The Home Depot Foundation has provided building materials for most projects that our Chapter has completed as with David Campbell’s tiny home. We’ve been very fortunate to have many local charitable organizations volunteer time and funding to ensure that our local Veterans can live and age in place safely”.

Larry Druffel, Founder of Purple Heart Homes Golden Corner Chapter, said “If it were not for the generosity of The Home Depot Foundation and the contributions of the District Team Depot volunteers, we would not be commemorating completion for our 100th project. We would not even be close. The Home Depot Foundation has not only donated over $300,000 in materials for our projects, but the Team Depot members in our District have also participated in many of our projects, contributing over 3,000 hours. They bring expertise in various areas of construction as well as enthusiasm in support of Veterans. We are deeply indebted to them.”

Honoring Their Service Board said, “It humbles each of us to see a Service-Connected Disabled Homeless Veteran obtain his own home, and we are so very happy we can do this for David.”

Bruce Coleman, outreach pastor for Foothill Church, happy with the Church’s participation, commented that “when one of our community members is homeless, it is important that we all surround that person and provide the essential help everyone needs and deserves – a safe home, food, and friendship. Helping to provide a homeless Veteran a roof over his head – something we have had the frequent privilege of working on with PHHGCC, is something we are all proud to be a part of.”

The Home Depot Foundation’s Manager of Strategic Partnerships and Programs, Sean Walker, is especially pleased with the tiny home concept, one that can provide housing to so many more Disabled Veterans. “We’ve been working with Purple Heart Homes almost since its inception in 2008,” he said. “Seeing PHH serve more than 600 Veterans, and the Golden Corner Chapter of PHH reach 100 with this project, makes our entire organization proud of who we are. We are delighted to provide assistance to these amazing organizations and the deserving Service-Connected Disabled Veterans, from all eras, the most fundamental, but important, necessity – a home.”

About Purple Heart Homes
Purple Heart Homes is a 501(c)3 non-profit founded by John Gallina and the late Dale Beatty, two Iraq combat-wounded Veterans who started a mission to provide housing solutions for Service-Connected Disabled Veterans and their families. Driven by the belief that no Veteran should be left behind, Purple Heart Homes, together with the community, is committed to ensuring quality life solutions for Disabled American Veterans from all conflicts.

For more information, visit www.phhusa.org. Purple Heart Homes – Improving Veterans’ Lives One Home at a Time.

About The Home Depot Foundation
The Home Depot Foundation works to improve the homes and lives of U.S. veterans, train skilled tradespeople to fill the labor gap and support communities impacted by natural disasters. Since 2011, the Foundation has invested more than $350 million in veteran causes and improved more than 48,000 veteran homes and facilities in more than 4,500 cities. The Foundation has pledged to invest half of a billion dollars in veteran causes by 2025.

To learn more about The Home Depot Foundation visit HomeDepotFoundation.org and follow us on Twitter @HomeDepotFound and on Facebook + Instagram @HomeDepotFoundation.

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