QAnon Booms on Facebook as Conspiracy Group Gains Mainstream Traction

QAnon, a conspiracy theory currently gaining mainstream traction, has grown considerably over the past few weeks. The population of users of the QAnon Facebook group has doubled from below 30,000 at the beginning of May to over 60,000 at the end of the month.

It is unclear how QAnon gained this traction. On the surface it appears to be a fabrication of a set of hoax posts that appear on Facebook to show “who we are and what we stand for.”

However, just over a month ago, we published an article showing “evidence” of QAnon’s source and only months later, few would be able to refute these claims now. QAnon is yet another conspiracy theory to appear on the fringes, receive mainstream traction, and explode in an important way in the history of American politics.

QAnon first began to gain traction in November 2018, when the story of a supposed high-level meeting with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at the White House to discuss QAnon emerged.

Throughout the end of 2018 and first few months of 2019, the QAnon story has been the talk of the town. This caused as much public disdain as it has mainstream support, with some politicians and journalists vocalizing distaste for QAnon. It is expected that this continued endorsement of QAnon on the political landscape will increase, regardless of continued opposition.

Colleges and universities have begun adding QAnon-themed events to their summer curricula and students will now be taught about the teachings of “Q.”

There is also evidence of QAnon participating in discussions in Washington DC and numerous national groups are gearing up to oppose the Department of Justice and the FBI in drafting a “Q” counter-terrorism operation against al Qaeda, ISIS, and Iran.

Meanwhile, Reddit users have been publishing QAnon-themed advertisements on bus stops in the D.C. area, and Facebook has received innumerable calls from citizens demanding information about QAnon.

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