Qatar Catering services industry – Are catering firms in Qatar prepared for FWC 2022?: Ken Research

Qatar Catering services industry Cover Image

Qatar Catering services industry Cover Image

Qatar Catering services industry Infographic

Qatar Catering services industry Infographic

QATAR, December 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Catering services industry encompasses 30+ players including a mixture of vertical domestic players, subsidiaries of international firms and hotel chains dealing in outside catering. Such players focus on establishing niche by targeting specific end users such as event catering, industrial/construction camp catering, in-flight catering etc. For instance- Al Nawras, Taste Catering, hotel chains focus on private events/wedding catering while Qatar Caterers and Contractors, Shaqab, Amwaj, Qatar Star Services etc find high clientele associated with industrial clients. Qatar Aircraft Catering Company (QACC) enjoys the monopoly of catering to in-flight operations while Yemek Doha entered the industry with winning big army catering contracts.

Prior to COVID-19, industry was operating at capacity utilization rates of ~75%, which dropped to around 65% in April-June 2020. The industry is still recovering and is expected to reach to its pre-COVID levels by Q2 2021. With a spare utilization of 25%, the key question is how would industry adapt to the massive catering requirements in 2022? It is expected that ~2Mn tourists would be coming to attend the football world cup tournament coupled with domestic visitors, putting a huge supply challenge compared to ~1Mn meals being supplied daily. The associated food delivery/logistics management is another challenge as firms prefer to possess limited fleet and capabilities, capable of handling year-long contractual orders.

Moreover, 4 out of 7 firms interviewed by Ken Research, are finding it difficult to arrange for the required documentation including sustainability reports, supplier code of conduct etc; generating a possibility of convergence of tender allotment to big players.

Considering the expected challenge, certain firms are gearing up to position themselves as a leading candidate for the tender process. Firms including Yemek Doha, Crompton catering, and Newrest Gulf etc. are expanding their production capacity while Future catering is rebranding itself to ‘Emporio Gourmet’ in order to prepare itself for FWC event. Certain players are also exploring establishing strategic partnerships/joint ventures with international sports catering firms.

Analysts at Ken Research believe that incumbents must strive to position themselves as a unique player capable of handling increased order size and deliver the best services. In order to achieve the same, it is pertinent to establish strategic partnerships with global sports catering firms which would not only augment the capacity but also bring in world-class standards of catering. Firms must also be prepared to rapidly expand their logistics capabilities by partnering with local rental firms. It would be interesting to watch as to how incumbents position themselves during the tender process and react post the FWC event. Would the overcapacity (post 2022) result in reduction of prices, putting the margins of mid and bottom tier firms at risk?

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Time Period Captured in the Report:-
Historical Period: 2015–2019
Forecast Period: 2020-2024

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-
Socio-Demographic Outlook of Qatar
Snapshot on Food & Beverage Industry
Catering Services Industry in Qatar (Market Size and Segmentation)
Competitive Landscape of Firms (Operational Performance, Financial Performance, Company Profiles)
Overview of Global players with prior experience in organizing sporting events
Regulations and Certifications applicable to industry
Future Outlook of Industry – including impact of COVID-19
Best Selling MENUSs – End user segment wise

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