Ranfac Corp. and Endocellutions Announce the Formation of Cervos Medical

Harnessing the Power of Vasculogenesis

Innovating To Advance Natural Healing

Cervos Medical, a new joint venture. Bringing to market a complete line of next generation surgical and orthobiologic devices.

MARSHFIELD, MA, USA, February 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Marshfield, MA., February 17, 2021- Ranfac Corp. (“Ranfac”) and Endocellutions, LLC (“Endo”) announced today the formation of Cervos Medical, a new joint venture formed to leverage the strengths of the two companies and bring to market a complete line of next generation surgical and orthobiologic devices.

Cervos will be the exclusive supplier of all Ranfac and Endocellutions co-developed products including bone marrow aspiration devices based on the ground-breaking Marrow Cellution™ technology as well as a family of minimally invasive bone harvesting devices, sub-chondral access tools, CELLFuse™ synthetic graft material, adipose processing systems, and a new “best-in-class” Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) system. Cervos products are built for use in a range of therapies, including orthopedics, sports medicine, trauma, spine, pain management and aesthetics. The goal of Cervos is to work closely with the distribution and provider community to promote, train and support these cutting-edge products in the marketplace.

Harlan Adler, CEO of Ranfac said: “I am extremely excited to announce the formation of Cervos Medical. We have partnered with the Endo team for over 5 years and believe this to be an important next step as we continue to bring next generation devices to the marketplace. The proven advantages of the Marrow Cellution™ technology with its elimination of the need for centrifugation, along with its demonstrated higher quality biologic is especially important with the focus on disease transmission and infection in the age of COVID. Our on-going product development pipelines are robust and we believe the future of Cervos is very bright.”

Andrew McGillicuddy, CEO of Endocellutions said: “Endocellutions is very excited to be partnering with Ranfac in this new venture. Ranfac is a best-in-class medical device manufacturer with a long and successful operating history. Our next generation product offerings built on our cutting-edge technology will improve outcomes, save O.R. time, and reduce procedure costs. Cervos will focus on ongoing customer education and peer-to-peer engagement to share best practices and work closely with the distribution community. We have put together a great team in a very dynamic space and I am very excited and proud to be a part of it.”

About Cervos Medical

Cervos Medical is a procedure driven medical device company focused on innovative solutions to improve natural healing. Our best-in-class autologous and synthetic orthobiologic products mimic and promote vasculogenesis, the body’s natural reparative mechanism. We have developed minimally invasive, highly efficient and cost-effective solutions to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions including growing bone, preserving joints, and managing chronic pain. Further information about Cervos medical is available at www.cervos.com.

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