Record Amount For Web Domain Refused Over Privacy Issues

“We won’t sell to liars, I don’t care who they are.”

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2021 / — The owners of have declined a record amount for its long warehoused domain when it was discovered the potential buyer has close ties with a privacy compromising Asian government.

The acquirer’s well-funded business plan was to use to create a global retail hyper-hub focusing on cryptocurrency for goods payment. The plan was to work with existing delivery networks the likes of Jumia, Carousell and Alibaba and eventually sell to a larger platform such as Amazon or do a SPAC or IPO if regulators allowed it.

Problems arose when fintech consultant and strategy writer Tal Newhart, the domain partner/owner for 25 years, received, by apparent accident, secret revenue projections that included detailed plans to sell platform user data directly to an Asian government via the buyer’s very large parent company. Since the platform was to run on crypto this would clearly disclose who in dispersed markets is using non-state sponsored cryptocurrencies. A user’s privacy would be compromised right down to their physical delivery address.

“This represents a huge invasion of privacy especially in places where the government is trying to ferret out and possibly punish, crypto users using, and possibly profiting from, non-sanctioned crypto assets. All this, perversely, while implying web privacy is of growing importance to them,” said Newhart.

“It’s easy to see why there is a growing risk-off attitude when trying to do deals with companies and individuals that have turned deception and opacity into an artform, especially when under the well-worn thumb of a secretive and capricious government. You just don’t know what they are really thinking since it’s often not what they’re saying. It makes the likes of Zuckerberg or even Peter Thiel appear a bit like Mother Theresa.”

“There are a lot of directions can go, a social platform carveout or roll-up, an online gaming or gambling combination, acquisition of retail platforms, etc. We’re pretty agnostic. But if the buyer or co-venture partners can’t ensure user privacy then sorry, it’s a hard stop. Systemic user surveillance has to end. Privacy inhaling, bubble manipulative cesspools like Facebook either have to change in meaningful ways or be broken up and parsed to entities that truly respect their users. DuckDuckGo has figured it out, and makes a nice profit, so it doesn’t require the help of magic.”

“We’ve kept on the shelf for over two decades. is even older than Google. It’s that rare, simple but meaningful web address that’s never been used. It’s virginal. We’re not about to sell it to some entity that wants to spy on its users and sell that information to a vaguely hostile foreign government.”

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