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WASHINGTON , DC, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2021 / — Former White House Spokesman Robert Weiner and Policy Analyst Adjanni Ramos have written a new piece for OpEdNews named H1—the publication’s top oped—issuing a “Red Alert: Progressives, Democrats Must Confront Republican Trigger Words or Lose Seats and Both Houses in 2022.” They argue that “Democrats must have short, punchy, pithy, persuasive counterattacks” to push back or risk losing their razor-thin margins in both the House and Senate. They argue, “As sure as day, Republicans will say: ‘Police Defunding,’ ‘Socialism,’ ‘Big Spenders,’ ‘Government Overreach,’ ‘Over-regulation,’ ‘Tax Increases,’ and ‘Hyping the Capitol Riots.’

Weiner and Ramos explain, “The recent history of Progressives and the Democratic Party as a whole is to lose big numbers during the first off-year election of a president’s term. Congress flipped from Blue to Red after the beginning of both the Clinton and Obama administrations, in the 1994 and 2010 congressional elections. Democrats lost fourteen seats in the Senate and fifty-four seats in the House during the Clinton administration in 1994. Although they were able to keep the Senate until Obama’s last off-year election, they lost sixty-four seats in the House. Neither administration was able to regain both House and Senate until the next elected President.”

In “Red Alert”, they argue, “Democrats are moving toward losing to Republicans in the House or Senate during Biden’s first off-year election, as they did during Clinton and Obama. Congressional Republicans took greater advantage of the messaging issue in the 2020 congressional races and were quite good at winning seats. They will do so again, and this time it could carry them over, since Trump will not be on the ballot in 2022.”
Weiner and Ramos lay out a counter-strategy issue by issue.

“On Socialism:


‘Democrats are socialist.’ Republicans love calling Democrats and their agendas socialists. Sen. Mitch McConnell and his team (R-KY) want to say they’re going to stop Democrats from passing their ‘socialist’ bills. After President Biden offered his Infrastructure Plan, Republicans began accusing it of being a calling it a ‘Soviet-style…wish list.’


Every time Republicans talk about socialism amongst Democrats, which this is not, Democrats can point out the fascist tendencies in Trump’s language and actions. Republicans want to lower taxes on the rich and wealthy and pass voting laws that restrict voting. President Joe Biden has openly said, ‘I beat the socialists. That’s how I got elected. That’s how I got the nomination.’ But he and all Democratic and progressive candidates need to say they are supporting ‘people programs, which are what Republicans oppose.’ Are libraries, Medicare, public colleges and school education and K-12 schools, food security, fire departments, drug treatment, assistance to hospitals, needed housing assistance, working roads/bridges/tunnels/electric grids/updated computer systems, even aid to small businesses and restaurants devastated by Covid, ‘socialist?’ or self-interested help by the nation to people to help the country work better?

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) have both self-identified as socialists but base their belief system on programs for people rather than dictators. Biden and Congressional candidates have to say, ‘I own the middle which most Democrats want, and define the middle as fixing the services – like infrastructure – that polls show the vast majority of Americans want.’”

The authors write, “On Police Defunding:


Republicans repeatedly decried Black-Lives-Matter protesters as rioters throughout the first half of 2020. Democrats suffered electorally due to the Republican branding of them for ‘defund the police’ and other supposed anti-police rhetoric.


Progressives and Democrats have failed to say they simply want to stop ‘police murder and brutality’ where it occurs. Democrats want to establish more community cops. They should point out Biden added 100,000 ‘community police’ when he chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Congress adopted that proposal. Republicans have been the ones trying to defund it ever since. We need and must fund more community police. Democrats and Progressives should point out how the Republicans have dismantled all efforts to establish and fund Police Reform, and even as we write are trying to do the least possible to get away with the horror of murders like George Floyd’s.”

They contend, “On Tax-Increases:


On election years, Republicans always say that Democrats are going to “raise taxes on the backs of hardworking Americans.”

President Joe Biden has already stated he will create tax fairness by assuring that people who don’t pay what they should, do so. He is only reversing Trumps tax-breaks for the super-rich and corporations who get away with minimal or no taxes. He has even promised no new taxes for people making less than $400,000 a year. Point out that conservatives and Republican administrations, when elected to the White House or Congress, are notorious for lowering taxes on high-income individuals and corporations. Former President Donald Trump’s tax returns showed that in several years he did not pay more than $750 in federal income taxes. Democrats and progressives can point to Biden condemning allowing over 50 Fortune 500 companies with $50 billion profit paying no taxes.”

They go on, “On Over-Regulation:


Republicans love to oppose ‘over-regulation’ whenever a Democratic bill establishes regulations that affect Republican interests. They say that these regulations force a government-imposed precedent over the expertise of local businessmen, that regulations impose on business and personal freedoms and destroy jobs and economic growth.


Regulations are double-sided coins for Republicans, and they control which side it lands whenever they toss it. Republicans love to block education about widening health benefits overall, and impose regulations on Health Providers as Reagan did with the “gag-rule” and abortion clinics. They will, however, lift regulations on banks who would love to go back to unregulated selling and trading. Do we want to breathe clean air, drink unleaded water, drive safe cars, suffer fewer hurricanes and forest fires, and have safe workplaces?”

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