Rewarding Undistracted Driving in Schools with More Than $25,000 in Prizes

Permian Road Safety Coalition and Shell partner with SAFE 2 SAVE, app, to reward safe driving in eight schools throughout the Permian Basin.

MIDLAND AND ODESSA, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Permian Road Safety Coalition and Shell partner with app SAFE 2 SAVEto launch a three-month-long high school road safety campaign to train and reward high school student drivers in the Permian Basin for safe, undistracted driving. The high school road safety program is called, “#ArriveAlivePB,” and its goal is to increase education and awareness around the dangers of distracted driving throughout the Permian Basin. The program will also award good driving behaviors through the use of the app SAFE 2 SAVE. Points will be earned by safe drivers and contests will be held between traditional sports rivaling high schools to determine which school has the safest drivers. Awards will be distributed monthly to students. The campaign will run from Jan. 2021 – March 2021.

“Raising awareness of the risks on our roadways and working to change driver behaviors is what the PRSC is focused on every day. We are very pleased to be expanding our program this year to reach the most important drivers, the true treasure of our community – our kids,” said Scott Scheffler, executive director of the Permian Road Safety Coalition. “Everyone behind the wheel plays a role in helping make the roadways of the Permian Basin safer, that includes teen drivers too. We want everyone to ‘#ArriveAlivePB!’”

In a technology addicted society, distracted driving has become a huge epidemic. Every year, the Permian Basin experiences a high percentage of crashes and fatalities compared to other parts of Texas. While the Permian Basin represents only approximately two percent of the state’s population, road-related crash fatalities in the Permian Basin topped more than 11 percent of Texas’ total number of road-related fatalities in 2019.

According to the National Safety Council, in the U.S. every seven seconds someone is injured in a motor vehicle crash and every 15 minutes someone dies. The majority of these crashes involve young drivers ages 16 to 34. This campaign and program seek to change these statistics in the Permian Basin, especially for our newest and least experienced drivers. While research and statistics are just beginning to highlight the dangers of distracted driving, very few organizations in the public or private sector are creating positive solutions to effectively address the most preventable death among young people today. “Road safety is a major challenge for the industry and the communities in the Permian Basin, and Shell has been recognized for its efforts in this area,” said Kevin McMahon, General Manager for Shell’s Permian Basin operations. “We are proud to support this valuable program, which protects and empowers young drivers, who are an important group when it comes to road safety.” Seven Permian Basin area high schools are participating in this safe driving campaign and competition while taking advantage of unique road safety training and activities. Throughout the competition, students will be engaging in multiple opportunities to enhance their knowledge about safe driving and to learn about the dangers of driving distracted. Weekly cash prizes will be given out to students, parents, and teachers who participate. Campaign organizers feel strongly that rewarding positive behavior is a fundamental element to driving change. Through the tremendous generosity of Shell and our other PRSC member companies, the PRSC is able to bring the latest road safety training and education to participating high schools throughout the Permian Basin.

To learn more information about the high school competitions, visit safe2save.org/arrivealivepb.

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