Rise Above Conflict with Author’s New Book

The Will of the Creator

Taking steps toward healing

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, September 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Life can bring about many unusual circumstances. We often hear the phrase “these are the cards we are dealt” when describing instances of struggle and conflict. These circumstances are often seen as things to be overcome if not understood. For some people, they find ways to rise above the things that life has dealt them and move onwards to more fulfilling ventures. Others are often overwhelmed and go through suffering. For the latter, the sense of control over one’s life becomes important. One can either take responsibility for themself or blame others. In “The Will of the Creator,” we come across people who decided to act on this choice when it came into their lives.

Sammy Levitt has lived a life of interesting but relatively quiet circumstances. He was born and raised in Philadelphia and was able to graduate from Temple University. Levitt was a former government employee in his own hometown before moving on to pursue a passion for writing. His articles have appeared in various publications such as American Turf Monthly, Win, and Gambling Times. He has also been an officer with the Sons of Italy Roxborough Lodge for over 25 years.

“The Will of the Creator” follows the life and times of three men, all of whom have come across a great struggle in their life during the early 1980s. It also details how these men attempted to overcome their challenges through rehabilitation and the choices they made in the process. Their stories all tell of struggling through adversity and falling just when they get close to the top. Through chance and circumstance, they end up being entangled in one another’s lives, with one of them learning of the other’s murderous crimes.

What choices do these men make? What led them to such challenges? What drives a man to kill another? Get the answers to all these gripping questions when you pick up a copy of “The Will of the Creator” today.

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