Sanat Ranganathan helps Chicago metro and other area businesses navigate online sales in the “new normal”

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2021 / — Seeing the devastating impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on a lot of companies worldwide, Sanat Ranganathan is using his expertise to help businesses in the Chicago metro area adapt to the “new normal”.

Sanat is the proprietor and Principal Attorney of the Law Offices of Sanat Ranganathan in Naperville, Illinois. He is also a member of the bar in multiple states namely Illinois, New York, and Missouri (inactive).

Giving him a jumpstart for his career, he graduated from three renowned universities that offer law. He attended Warwick University School of Law in the United Kingdom, Leiden University Europa Institute in the Netherlands, and Duke University School of Law in the United States.

After mastering law, he started providing legal services in a variety of capacities, as counsel for businesses and government entities, as well as law firms, having recently been university counsel . Throughout his journey as a lawyer, he advised on matters related to varied areas such as privacy & security, commercial law, corporate law, contracts/agreements, governmental compliance, e-commerce, commercial real estate, intellectual property, technology, SaaS and software licensing.

During the onset of the pandemic, many companies had to transition to online selling in order to survive and continue serving people. With this, Sanat saw a great opportunity to stay true to his purpose which is to help those in need.

Having a background on legal issues revolving around technology, particularly the internet, He then decided to lend his expertise to help his clients, especially during trying times like this. He helped his clients work out legal actions in order to set up their business for online sales through the pandemic and help them thrive post-pandemic.

Right now, he is helping a local proprietor in the Chicago area who needs help with setting up her new business so she can start selling her products through online platforms. While she is looking at selling knick knacks, souvenirs, and trinkets online, Sanat aids her by putting together all documents she would need like potential legal contracts with vendors and return polices and disclaimers with her customers Aside from that, Sanat also gives her advice on the corporate aspects of her business, such as whether to incorporate , the types of legal entities available to use, and advising on the appropriate type of corporate agreement with potential investors.

Furthermore, Sanat also reaches out to his clients outside Chicago. One of his clients in a neighboring state is a manufacturer of custom-made championship belts. As the business’ legal advisor, he provides assistance in the creation of e-commerce agreements between the business owner and his customers. He also gives his client some advice about delivery timelines, disclaimers, privacy, returns and refund policies, and warranties among others.

Apart from assisting his clients in adjusting to the “new normal” through online sales, he is also actively involved in volunteering at the St. Vincent De Paul Ministry chapter of a local church in Chicago, which helps the needy with their basic necessities. Through the church, donations are being given to those who lost their jobs because of the pandemic and those who are struggling with basic needs such as food, bedding, utilities, and rent.

As part of his involvement in the church’s outreach ministry, he extends help by bringing them to partner agencies that are able to provide them with long-term assistance. In addition, he supports the initiative by encouraging other nonprofit organizations to join the cause whenever the need arises.

Sanat Ranganathan’s passion to serve does not end with charities helping the less fortunate. Aside from this, he is a big supporter of animal rights movements who hopes to give abused, abandoned, and surrendered pets the chance to live in a safe space with loving people. In fact, he has signed several new petitions against animal cruelty.

In the past, he has done the same, signing petitions through websites with the hopes of bringing rightful punishment to violators of animal rights. He also gave donations for animal rescue operations done by nonprofit organizations and to Erin’s farm, a sanctuary for farm animals and livestock which are being rescued.

With all the uncertainties and challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic that we face everyday, it is very inspiring to see people who are willing to lend a hand. We need to see more individuals like Sanat who share their gift of knowledge and take weak people by the hand so they can be hopeful and be ready to face whatever lies ahead.

Find out more about the Law Offices of Sanat Ranganathan at You can also see Sanat’s featured interview in Inspirery, Ideamensch, and Dotcom Magazine.

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