Sandstone Diagnostics Announces FDA Registration for Torq™ ZDrive MR™

Sandstone's Torq ZDrive MR centrifuge

Sandstone’s Torq ZDrive MR centrifuge

Portable centrifuge device enables decentralized plasma or serum collection using BD Microtainer® tubes

PLEASANTON, CA, USA, December 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sandstone Diagnostics, Inc. announces FDA class I device registration for its Torq ZDrive MR – a small (4-inch diameter), battery-powered centrifuge designed to spin single Becton Dickinson (BD) Microtainer tubes at the point-of-care for capillary blood plasma or serum collection.

Sandstone’s ZDrive MR addresses the pressing need for decentralized capillary blood sample collection and diagnostics. Most clinical diagnostic tests require liquid plasma or serum (instead of whole blood), which is best prepared by centrifuging blood specimens as soon as possible following collection. Additionally, diagnostic tests are becoming increasingly compatible with small volume capillary blood samples, which can be collected via finger stick or other self-collection methods instead of venipuncture.

The FDA-registered ZDrive MR is configured to spin BD Microtainer plasma or serum tubes containing gel additives. Microtainers are commonly used for finger stick or heel stick whole blood sample collection. With the ZDrive MR, Microtainers can be promptly centrifuged at the point of collection instead of waiting until samples arrive to a laboratory facility. Leveraging Sandstone’s patent-pending Torq zero delay centrifuge technology, the ZDrive MR is the only device designed to spin a single Microtainer with a battery-powered, fully-automated, and self-balanced operation such that users simply need to load the Microtainer and close the ZDrive MR lid. Separation is complete within approximately 5 minutes.

Applications for the ZDrive MR include at-home self-collection, decentralized clinical trials, point-of-care diagnostics, physician office testing, global health, rural health, pop-up clinics, veterinary blood collections, and more.

In addition to centrifuging BD Microtainers, Sandstone has developed ZDrive rotors for centrifuging microvolume blood collection tubes from other manufacturers.

The ZDrive MR complements Sandstone’s family of Torq centrifuge products, which includes the Torq MiniDisc and Torq ZDisc designed to provide capillary or venous plasma at the point-of-collection with superior speed, sample quality, and sample stability compared to conventional blood collection tubes.

For more information, please visit https://sandstonedx.com/product/torq-zdrive-mr/

About Sandstone Diagnostics
Sandstone Diagnostics is a diagnostic and device biotech company located in Pleasanton, CA. Sandstone’s Torq zero delay centrifuge technology provides lab-quality plasma and serum collection in minutes at the point-of-care. For more information, visit www.sandstonedx.com.

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