Scarless Tattoo Removal Service At Spa/Clinic In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: How to Make the Right Choice

Expert in natural makeup application continues to bring the best in natural beauty services to the Ho Chi Minh City

Expert in natural makeup application continues to bring the best in natural beauty services to the Ho Chi Minh City

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The tattoo ink will gradually fade away without any skin abrasion

The tattoo ink will gradually fade away without any skin abrasion

There are too many spas/clinics for tattoo removal, this post is perfect for anyone finds the best scarless tattoo removal service in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Without the need for surgical intervention, our techniques can rejuvenate skin and create a naturally youthful look.”

— Master Dong Bao Tram, CEO of Miss Tram

HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM, June 2, 2021 / — Getting tattoos has been a unique and well-loved way for people of all ages to express themselves. Each tattoo can tell a different story about the owner’s personality and their likings. Despite that, some might not want to keep the tattoos anymore for personal reasons.

However, tattoo removal can be extremely painful and will possibly leave scars on your skin. Choosing the right technology and a credible spa is of utmost importance.

How Does A Scarless Tattoo Removal Procedure Work?

Before finding the best scarless tattoo removal service at a spa in Ho Chi Minh city, it is essential to have a general idea of how the procedure works.

Recently, thanks to technical development, tattoo removal without leaving any scar on the body has never been easier and less painful. The main procedure in the treatment involves using a laser named Q-Switched Nd: YAG (or YAG).

Laser YAG is the latest system in this series of Q-Switched lasers and has proved to be the most potent weapon for removing tattoos.
It is also the most commonly used procedure all around the world and is highly appreciated by all the leading countries in this field, such as America and German.

This procedure has already had approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to meet all the conditions of safety and effectiveness for users.
So how does the YAN laser work to get rid of anybody and facial tattoo without creating any scars?

Firstly, let’s take a look at how tattoos used to be removed. The only possible method is by creating a direct mechanical impact on the skin surface. In other words, it means the tattooed skin must be grinding away.

The dermabrasion and calibration process will damage the skin surface and the skin tissues in the outermost layers. Therefore, the users will encounter lots of pain and inconvenience when using this method.

On the other hand, the advanced Q-Switch YAN laser uses a light beam with such high intensity to remove the tattoo ink. With a relatively large wavelength ranging from 532 nm to 1064 nm, YAN technology will create a double effect on the treated skin area.

During the irradiation process, the pigments (another name for tattoo ink) accumulating under the skin layer will be absorbed by the wavelength depending on its color. The laser beam will then break the color links and dissect them into tiny particles.

Gradually, the natural elimination of the lymphatic system will dispose of your body of the ink fragments.

Things To Consider Post-Treatment
There are a few things that you should prepare yourself for after the treatment.

The Scarrings And The Pain

The main focus in any post-treatment process is pain and scarring. With the non-abrasive YAN technology, there will be no pain or scarring left after the treatment whatsoever.

The YAN light beam only emits short flashes (or pulses) of light each time. The pulses will gently get in contact with the skin, complete their task which is to break down the pigment colors, then go away.

For that reason, the skin won’t have to go through any form of abrasive treatment that results in extreme pain and permanent scars.

However, some people still have post-treatment reactions. Some of the main symptoms are hyperpigmentation, bleeding, skin itching, and swelling. Most of them are considered normal and will naturally go away within a few weeks.

The Role Of The Laser Technician
Without skill and accurate control from dermatologists, even the most advanced, ground-breaking equipment will become completely useless. And laser equipment is a complex tool that can only be optimized in the hands of experienced, trained experts.

To operate the procedure on the patient, the technicians are required to have a deep understanding of the laser’s mechanism, the patient’s skin types, and the condition of the tattoo that needed removing.

Based on the above factors, the dermatologist will then determine an appropriate treatment approach for a specific patient. They will decide the wavelength setting, each pulse duration, the pulse type, the number of pulses, and the laser depth that works best for the patient’s own skin and tattoo ink.

For that reason, choosing a trustworthy spa that has professional, trained and experienced technicians will largely affect the whole procedure.

Anyone who is looking up and down for a Vietnamese spa/clinic in Ho Chi Minh city for scarless tattoo removal can take a look at Miss Tram – Natural Beauty Center. This place is the prime example of credibility and quality when it comes to getting rid of tattoos without leaving scarring.

At Miss Tram, the tattoo removal procedure will put the most advanced and modern techniques in the application, typically the popular YAN technology.
Also, Miss Tram guarantees the effectiveness of the procedure, which will leave no scarring, no pain at all after treatments.

The most highly-developed tools will be optimized for use by the trained experts of Miss Tram with more than 15 years of working in the field. Every dermatologist is a skillful, enthusiastic, dedicated individual with a deep understanding of laser equipment and skin knowledge.

In terms of facilities, Miss Trang has the most modern and advanced equipment setup that is up to the standard of safety and hygiene.
For that reason, for so many years, Miss Tram has always been a go-to beauty center for not only Vietnamese artists, famous people but also foreigners from America, Australia, Taiwan, China, Singapore, and Japan.

Besides providing the safest scarless tattoo removal service, Miss Tram also offer you several skincare services that you should definitely check out such as:
+ Anti-aging treatments
+ Thermage treatment,
+ HIFU skin-lifting treatment,
+ Non-surgical lift,
+ Fractional resurfacing CO2,
+ Skin whitening treatment
+ Skincare facial treatment
+ Skin rejuvenation therapy

Miss Tram spa applies the most advanced technology to the treatment, offering the customers the best services. Also, with many years of practice and experience, it has been a go-to place for many celebrities.

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Master Dong Bao Tram – Expert in natural makeup application continues to bring the best in natural beauty services to the Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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