Schaeffer’s Investment Research Speaks About Market Strengths and Pivot Strategies

Schaeffer’s Investment Research Explains Investing Strategies and Offers Market Insights and Earnings Season Tactics Amid Global Pandemic

CINCINNATI, OH, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2021 / — Schaeffer’s Investment Research Speaks About Market Strengths and Pivot Strategies

The effects of the past year have resulted in a very different environment for the stock market, especially when considering the groups that are now outperforming. Schaeffer’s Investment Research Review explains the trading landscape and factors that are playing into how the rest of the year will shape up. Earnings reports can be a make-or-break moment for investors. The firm offers insight for investors to decide whether to hold or sell shares before quarterly results are released.

Stability Outweighs Past Investment Patterns 

The trading environment has become delicate for investors to choose winning stocks with a big rotation of tech in effect this year. This has been a completely different year for the stock market, to say the least. “Last year, the market was more about growth and tech,” says Schaeffer’s Investment Research Review. “But as the market begins to slowly recover, we’re seeing more activity towards economic recovery strategies. The question remains, how long will this rotation continue to play out?”  

With the optimism of the COVID-19 vaccine being available, there is more optimism. And that has affected the market. But as we move further ahead, now is where the transition will naturally occur. And, of course, anytime you go through a transition, there are going to be rotations in leadership within the market. According to Schaeffer’s Investment Research Review, “That isn’t necessarily a bad thing for all sectors, including tech. In fact, tech has made gradual gains throughout this transition period. However, just because the gain that tech is having isn’t aligning with the rest of the market doesn’t mean there isn’t upward momentum happening.”

Riding the Momentum During Earnings Season 

Momentum is a powerful force. But it’s also a tricky force. And one of the ways that it acts is by changing course very quickly. And because of that, it’s almost impossible to make a precise call on the inflection point. Schaeffer’s Investment Research Review says, “It’s more important to examine what parts of the market are likely to do well. As the market slowly recovers, investors need to go from policymakers, fiscal policy, and monetary policy and back to company fundamentals, including earnings quality with healthy balance sheets and income statements. Investors should focus on those as the momentum plays into the market.”

Earnings season is always a complex time, especially with the market reaction. What investors need to remember is the market is taking into account a six to 12-month timeframe. Thus, with earnings reports that are already expected to look positive, the market is unlikely to be surprised by that. At this time, investors shouldn’t be underestimating earnings strength throughout the year, especially when looking at valuations.

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