Sensible Medical brings JADE Commercial Medical Grade Air Purification System to hospitals, clinics, offices across US

In battling COVID-19, social distancing and masks are important. But what about the air quality in buildings? JADE addresses this often overlooked step.

Most buildings do not sufficiently purify their air; not capturing the nano-micro sized aerosolized particulates that can stay airborne for up to 16 hours.”

— Steve Boutin, CEO, Sensible Medical

HANOVER, MA, USA, December 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — -Sensible Medical (http://sensiblemedical.net), a Hanover, MA distributor of medical grade air purification systems for hospitals, clinics and offices announces that it is the authorized USA distributor for the Surgically Clean Air’s JADE Clean Air System.

Unlike Home Bedroom Air Purifiers, the portable JADE Commercial Air Purifier is a Medical Grade Air System that meets and exceeds EPA and CDC guidelines by exchanging the room air 6-15+ times per hour, while Capturing and Containing nano sized Aerosolized Particulates >.0025 microns, which can carry the SARS CoV-2 Virus responsible for COVID-19, that range from .06 to .14 microns, in addition to Bacteria, VOC’s, Mold and other Pollutants.

Steve Boutin, CEO of Sensible Medical, says that the time has never been more urgent for the need of the JADE Clean Air System. COVID-19 has interrupted the normal delivery of healthcare as a result of the viruses’ airborne ability to infect people via the nano-aerosolized particulates.

The question is, what can we do to minimize the rapid transmission of COVID-19 to people in confined clinics and businesses to avoid a total lockdown?

Mr. Boutin said, “While some of the rise in COVID-19 may be attributed to people not following protocols, the bigger issue is that most buildings do not sufficiently purify their air; specifically, not capturing the nano-micro sized aerosolized particulates that can stay airborne for up to 16 hours.” He said that there is now the confirmed scientific evidence that COVID-19 is spread through these micro nana aerosolized particulates that carry the viruses, which are 100 times smaller than bacteria.

This belief has given rise to the popularity of air purification systems, and Boutin says that the JADE is the best of class on the market, as the Merv 17 rated HEPA Filter, followed by the additional five stages of purification was actually developed following the first SARS Virus in 2003 by medical professionals for medical professionals to capture the very Aerosolized Viral Particulates we are facing today. The portable Commercial Medical Grade JADE captures and contains over 99% of all aerosolized particulates 0.0025 microns and larger. That includes COVID-19, ranging in size from 0.06 to 0.14 microns. This room air purification is accomplished by continually scrubbing the room air, allowing the business owners and medical facilities keep their doors open, while at the same time protecting their staff, patients and clients.

JADE can control indoor ambient air to medical grade status, which most all other Purifiers cannot attain, in addition to their inability to capture the SARS Virus, as they only capture particulates that are .3 microns and larger, rendering them non effective with exchanging the air in a room between 6 and 15+ times per hour while capturing and preventing viruses from finding a human host. The JADE are plug and go and do not require any special installation. JADE is believed to be the only air purifier on the market with a six stage filtration system that includes HEPA-RX, carbon filter, UV-C Light and negative ion generation. The superior room air volume exchange capacity meets and exceeds all CDC and EPA guidelines that the others do not.

Mr. Boutin said, “There are many products on the market. But the test of a purification system’s effectiveness is how often it can turn over the air in a room and how effective it is in removing virus carrying nano-sized particulates.” The technology for JADE was introduced after the last SARS Pandemic in 2003, gaining new significance with this present second surge of the COVID-19 SARS Virus.

To learn more about the JADE or to request a demonstration, please call 781-312-8865 or email customercare@sensiblemedical.net.

About Sensible Medical
Sensible Medical is a leader in providing medical grade air purification systems to medical offices, clinics and those businesses wanting the very best portable air purifiers that meet and exceed CDC and EPA guidelines for Air Exchanges per Hour. The company provides solutions that allow people to breathe better and work better while staying safe and protected, allowing businesses to remain open with clean air solutions.
Sensible Medical, Inc., is led by Steve Boutin and a team with over 135 combined years experience in the medical industry. TUFTs New England Medical Center and Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston are but a few of the over 7,000 Clinical JADE placements in North America. For more information please visit www.sensiblemedical.net or call 781-312-8865.

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