Silane Market Size, Share, Global Industry Trends, Growth, Opportunities, Emerging Demand and Forecast 2022-2031

The market for silane is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 5% globally during the forecast period. Growing demand from the construction industry and growing demand for lightweight composites along with increasing demand from the automotive industries are driving the market. On the flip side, higher production costs coupled with unfavorable conditions arising due to the COVID-19 outbreak are hindering the market growth.

– The silane market is expected to grow during the forecast period owing to the growing demand form the construction industry.
– North American region to dominate the market across the globe with the largest consumption from the United States

Key Market Trends

Growing Demand from the Construction Industry

– Silanes are widely used in the construction industry due to their superior properties, and growing construction activities across the world are driving the market.

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– Silanes have excellent water repellent and surface protection properties and offer protection for hydrophobation, graffiti, and corrosion control. The best way to protect buildings from deterioration is by stopping water and chloride ions from entering the substrate.
– Alkyl groups attached to the silanes allow them to penetrate, cure in, and bond to many inorganic substrates. The unique properties of silanes offer protection against harmful water- and oil-borne elements.
– In the construction industry, silanes offer excellent water repellency, long-term durability, UV stability, reduced efflorescence, and depth of penetration. Silanes are available for a variety of substrates such as pre-cast concrete, concrete blocks, sandstone, granite, bricks, wood, limestone, and marble.
– The Indian government has allocated USD 63 billion for the infrastructure sector in 2019-20 and is planning to spend USD 1.4 trillion over the next five years. The development of smart cities and other schemes like “housing for all” are expected to drive the market.
– Moreover, Europe is facing a housing shortage with the need for additional housing estimated at 2.3 to 3 lakh new units per year. So, the government plans to deliver 4 lakh new housing units by 2021, of which 1 lakh units are to be financed with EUR 2.7 billion through a new Housing Infrastructure Fund.
– Furthermore, according to the National Development and Reform Commission, China, the Chinese government approved 26 infrastructure projects at an estimated investment of about USD 142 billion in 2019. China has always invested in infrastructure projects during economic slowdown to boost growth. The growing investments in infrastructure activities are likely to drive the market.
– The outbreak of coronavirus has slowed down commercial construction activities due to lockdown and disruptions in the supply chain. However, the slowdown is expected to be temporary and the growing need for infrastructure and housing activities in the emerging economies is expected to show considerable growth for silane during the forecast period.

North America Region to Dominate the Market

– The North American region is expected to dominate the market for silane during the forecast period due to the increase in demand from countries like the United States.
– Silanes are widely used in rubber and plastics manufacturing, as well as in composites such as fiberglass reinforced polymers, etc., They offer effective coupling and dispersion treatments, and provide strength, durability, and protection against environmental conditions.
– The plastics and lightweight composites are used mainly in the automotive and aviation industry. Moreover, the United States has the highest number of business aircraft and private jets. In the country, the business aircraft fleet had been witnessing average annual growth rates of 2.5%, since 2015, with 21,888 business aircraft in 2019. The automotive production in the United States is around 108 million vehicles in 2019 which is down by 3.7% from 2018. However, the increasing percentage of plastics and composites in automotive manufacturing are driving the market.
– According to the US Census Bureau in April 2020, the value of construction in the United States was around USD 1,346,166 million. The share from the residential sector was about USD 544,312 million and non-residential was approximately USD 801,854 million. The value of total construction referring to educational institutes in April 2020 is USD 14,913 million, warehouses construction is valued at USD 39,169 million, health care constructions is USD 36,764 million. The growing construction activities in the non-residential and residential sectors are driving the market.
– The aforementioned factors coupled with government support are contributing to the increasing demand for the silane market in the North America region during the forecast period.

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