Skin Tears Treatment Market Size Share, Trends, Segmentation, Top Key Players, Growth and Forecast To 2022-2031

Certain factors that are driving the market growth include increasing incidence of acute wounds and injuries, and shift towards advanced skin tears treatment protocols.

Moreover, the skin tears treatment market is driven by technological advances, ageing population, initiatives taken by the government, and a pressing need for swift and safer treatment of acute as well as chronic wounds. The growing prevalence of several lifestyle disorders is leading to chronic wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcer, venous leg ulcer, and pressure ulcer is one of the key factors estimated to encourage the growth of the skin tears treatment market in the coming years. Attempts to lower the duration of the hospital stay in order to reduce the surgical healthcare expenses and the growing inclination toward products that enhance therapeutic outcomes are also driving the demand for the market. The dearth of skilled professionals and lack of awareness serve as factors which hinder the market.

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Key Market Trends

Moisture-retentive Dressings Hold Significant Share in the Global Skin Tears Treatment Market

Moisture-retentive dressings can be of many types i.e. mesh dressings, foam dressings, hydrogel dressings, silicone dressings, alginate dressings, etc.

Hydrogel dressings are one the most widely used methods of dressing a wound. Made of roughly 90% water, hydrogels provide adequete moisture which can accelerate healing time. Initially, they were designed to help in regulating fluid exchanges on the surface of the wound.

Similarly, foam dressings are a type of extremely absorbent dressing used for wound care. Foam dressing works for heavily exuding wounds, like weeping ulcers, deep cavity wounds, and wounds caused after debridement. These dressings can be used for a longer duration of time as they have lower replacement rates when compared to other types of dressings. These are generally made from semi-permeable polyurethane. They allow water vapor to enter but keep out contaminants and bacteria. In some cases, the outer layer of these dressings may be waterproof, depending upon the need.

Moreover, the ability of these dressings to be used as primary or secondary dressings during accidents or other serious cases is also expected to increase their adoption.

North America Dominates the Global Skin Tears Treatment Market

North America dominates the skin tears treatment market due to the increasing incidence of acute as well as chronic wounds, favorable reimbursement policies, and rise in the ageing population. The healthcare industry in the United States is one of the most flourished and mature markets, in terms of innovations and product availability.

On the other hand, the Asia-Pacific market, which consists of fast-developing economies has remained largely untapped. The studied market is expanding steadily and has created abundant opportunities for the launch of new products. In terms of prospective growth potential, the Asia-Pacific skin tears treatment market is expected to witness the fastest growth. However, the lack of awareness and price sensitivity has considerably hindered the growth of market in developing countries, such as India, China, Brazil, and others.

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