Sleep Easy & HIPAAVIDEO.net Announce Strategic Partnership to Safely Treat Patients Facing Sleep Disorders During COVID

Sleep Easy


We’re happy to partner with Sleep Easy to provide a secure service so patients can access the therapy they need for a good night’s sleep”

— Vito Lomonaco, Managing Director of HIPPAVIDEO.net

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a post-COVID world, the way doctors work with patients is changing and new software services are emerging to support virtual doctor visits while still maintaining privacy for patients. HIPAAVIDEO.net and Sleep Easy announce today a strategic partnership to help people deprived of sleep access reliable relief through the secure digital delivery of The Sleep Easy Method.

The CDC estimates 50 to 70 million Americans suffered from one or several sleep disorders prior to the pandemic, but post-COVID severe sleep problems now affect at least 29% of Americans (97 million) . Dr. Richard Shane, a medically certified renowned sleep expert, has created a clinically proven and comprehensive sleep solution to address this sleep epidemic. With the typical protocol of working one-on-one with patients in person no longer a possibility, Sleep Easy turned to HIPPAVIDEO.net to securely deliver the Sleep Easy and Thrive 6-Week telehealth program.

“Millions of Americans are suffering from sleep disorders, and we are committed to providing the help people need to get sleep that helps them live productively,” said Dr. Shane. “Platforms like HIPAAVideo.net allow our team to fulfill that mission by providing an easy way for us to deliver the same high-level of care and confidentiality as if they were in my office.”

Telehealth has been expanding exponentially since the 1990’s, with demand surging over the past year. But not all commercial video conferencing platforms are built with encryption at their core, and they can lack important security features required for telemedicine. Digitally acquired patient data requires the same protection as patient information collected and used during in-person visits. Utilizing HIPAAVIDEO.net’s HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform allows Dr. Shane and the Sleep Easy team quick, secure access to provide sleep coaching, a core element to the Sleep Easy and Thrive 6-Week
telehealth program. This partnership brings HIPAA-compliant technology to the sleep therapy space just when it is needed most.

“Doctors and patients should never have to lose sleep over privacy. Our platform was built with the highest-level of security to maintain doctor-patient confidentiality,” said Vito Lomonaco, Managing Director of HIPPAVIDEO.net. “We’re happy to partner with Sleep Easy to provide a secure service so patients can access the therapy they need for a good night’s sleep.”

About Sleep Easy

Sleep Easy is a clinically proven program and state-of-the-art app developed by international Sleep Expert Dr. Richard Shane based on his discovery of Neurosomatic Pattering for Sleep™. The program includes nightly recordings that guide you to 1. Recreate the body sensations of safety and sleep 2. Calm the mind and 3. Ease into deep sleep without the use of medication or meditation. The Sleep Easy App is now Available.

About HIPAA Video.net

HIPAA Video (HIPAAVideo.net) is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) company providing advanced telehealth technology across all medical specialty areas. With investments in advanced end-to-end encryption protocols and strict requirements for managing protected health information (PHI), HIPAAVideo.net removes the concerns of HIPAA compliance so providers can focus on providing expert patient care. Remote Visits. Real Simple.

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