SoClean Launches Device to Disinfect Phones, Keys, Household Items

DES MOINES, Iowa — Winter is here and that means you might want to start using some extra energy keeping your house clean. Clean launch their next generation home device called Disinfection 3.0.

“So what we really focus on with Disinfection 3.0 is the whole household disinfectant system. It is odorless, it doesn’t irritate your nose, it doesn’t irritate your eyes,” says Jordan Kuzma, co-founder.

The idea behind the device is quite simple: using a few simple steps, people can clean and disinfect at home or office.

Hong Kong (PRUnderground) June 4th, 2018

The very nature of our existence is now very linked to our digital lives. We have smartphones for communication, and computers to store our files. However, there is always a danger of these being contaminated with germs and bacteria. This can lead to sickness and infections, and no one wants that! Cleaning and

We take it for granted that if we touch something in a public place, like the floor or a public toilet, it is pretty much cleaned, wiped down, and sanitized by a person, according to Clean. But what about at home? Well, there is some new product called Cleaning Device to Disinfect Phones, Keys, and Household Items, that claims to get rid of germs in seconds by killing them with ultraviolet light. The device is similar in form and function to the UV Flash Light as seen in some electric shavers,

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