Sparketh Launches Tracks on Drawing Nature

One of the nation’s best platforms that’s specifically designed for kids has added new courses.

SNELLVILLE, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, June 2, 2021 / — Representatives with Sparketh announced today the official launch of its Tracks on Drawing Nature.

“We are very excited about this,” said Dwayne Walker and Tim Samuel, founders and spokespersons for Sparketh.

The Tracks on Drawing Nature empowers students with 65 videos throughout 11 courses. The 11 courses include:

• Dog on a Lake

• Fish Eye Sunset

• Watercolor Globe

• Island Sunset

• Watercolor Lighthouse

• Drawing Textures Part 2

• Drawing Textures Part 1

• Atmospheric Perspective

• Tree In Hand

• Draw A Rose

• Painting A Fall Tree

As an example of what students will learn, Walker and Samuel noted, for example, in the Drawing Textures Part 1 course, students will discover that every texture isn’t used in every drawing, but by learning all the different ways to create them, students will be ready to draw anything realistically. As students move on to the Drawing Textures Part 2 course, students will explore that fact that one of the interesting things about textures is that even if two objects have the same surface, they could have two different textures.

Sparketh, according to Walker and Samuel, is the best new way to learn art online. The company also recently launch its Buy One Year, Get One Free offer, which allows customers to buy one year and receive a free year to gift to friends or family members.

Walker and Samuel noted that with Sparketh, students can work at their own pace and create based on their interest.

Sparketh’s online art library for kids now has more than 1,000 video lessons available. Those interested can browse the course library today. Individuals can also take advantage of Sparketh’s 30-day free trial of its online art lessons for kids. Kids gain unlimited access to a library of 1,000 plus bite-sized video lessons taught by talented mentors.

Walker and Samuel explained that the 30-day free trial empowers users with instant access to:

• Unlimited access to 1,000+ videos

• Unlimited access to tracks

• Monthly one-on-one mentorship

• Talented Instructors

• Course files to download

• New courses virtually weekly

• Two separate student accounts

• Cancel online anytime

Members, which includes those who take advantage of the 30-day free trial, can create individual student accounts to track their progress on Sparketh; Students keep their art in one central location by uploading them to their Sparketh Portfolio.

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